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2008 GMAC Bowl – Tulsa Slaps the Ball State Cardinals All the Way Back to Indiana in a 45-13 Mugging

All you need to know about how good Ball State was this year after running up a perfect 12-0 record and a No. 12 ranking in the AP Top 25 Poll is to learn that the Cardinals lost the Mid-American Conference Championship to Buffalo, 42-24, and then got slapped around in the 2008 GMAC Bowl by unranked Tulsa 45-13.

Your 2009 Super Bowl Survival Guide

This is a Survival Guide to Super Bowl 2009. Get ready for this year’s party!

How to Disguise Your Defense Using the 3-5-3

This article discusses how to disguise your defense using the 3-5-3. This defense always lines up three down linemen in the same position every time making it difficult for the offense to read the rush. Line backers and safeties move in and out from the line of scrimmage disguising the pass coverages and if the defense is blitzing.

Tailgating Essentials

When it comes to the art of tailgating, most back yard barbecue aficionados think they can’t be beat. But just how good would they be if they had to hitch up that grill and take it on the road? It takes a special kind of cook and some special preparation to be a true tailgating master.

2008 BCS Fiesta Bowl – Ohio State Buckeyes Come Oh So Close, But Texas Wins in the End, 24-21

The 2008 BCS Fiesta Bowl turned out to be a pretty good football game, but truth be told, the aftermath did little to resolve the impressions left on both teams and left lingering doubts about two of the nation’s biggest and best major college football programs. Texas won and Ohio State lost, but both were a little tarnished in the aftermath. Find out why.

Getting Teams to Jump Offsides in Youth Football – What is Allowed?

Trick Shift Play Backfires in Big Time College Football. Many youth football coaches are “football junkies”. We like watching pro or college football. Sometimes we even see things that we think we can use for our own youth football teams.

College Football Off Season – Fan Training and Survival Guide

For losing teams, the season is long. Figuring out what to do at the conclusion of a losing season is the responsibility of the coaching staff – if they are fortunate enough to have their contracts renewed – and the school administration – if they are fortunate enough to not have an alum chasing them with a dull axe. The off-season provides winners and losers alike, an opportunity to retool, rest and to build for the future.

Tony Romo – Super Star QB For the Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo is the quarterback for the NFL’s America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys! Tony Romo was born on April 21, 1980 in San Diego, California. Tony was the third child and only son behind two girls.

2008 Liberty Bowl – Unpredictable Play Gives Kentucky Late-Scoring Win Over East Carolina, 25-19

Imagine yourself as Ventrell Jenkins, a 6-foot-2, 285-pound defensive tackle for Kentucky who has been working all afternoon to help his Wildcat teammates upset East Carolina in the 2008 Liberty Bowl. The score is tied 19-19 and there is exactly 3:02 left in the 4th quarter.

2008 BCS Sugar Bowl – Alabama Came to Play, Utah Came to Win and Did So Too Easily, 31-17

After more than 50 years of watching football it pains me to say it, but Alabama came to play in the 2008 BCS Sugar Bowl and Utah came to win the Sugar Bowl. Guess what happened? Utah made Alabama look like half the team it is, winning convincingly, 31-17.

2008 International Bowl – UConn’s Don Brown Runs For 261 Yards in 38-20 Win Over Buffalo Bulls

The nation’s leading rusher, the University of Connecticut’s Donald Brown, did not disappoint in the 2008 International Bowl, piling up a career-best 261 yards to lead the Huskies past the Buffalo Bulls, 38-20. He averaged 9 yards on 29 carries.

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