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Score Tickets to the Top NCAA College Football Games

Want to be the envy of the workplace? Tell them about the great time you had at the football game over the weekend. You’re bound to generate some jealousy.

Final BCS Standings Show Why It’s Better to Lose Early Than Late

The final, cumulative BCS Standings showed Oklahoma with a BCS Average of 0.976, Florida at 0.948 and Texas at 0.930, with a mere 18 one-hundreds of a point separating Florida and Texas. Learn why Texas became the odd man out.

Southern Miss Golden Eagles – McKee, a Rock Solid Right Tackle

Ryan McKee, the Spanish Fort, Ala native has been one of the popular players in the Southern Miss lineup. He has been having an incredible last couple of seasons, and in 2008, he has been having a dream run at that with his performance. The only glitch in what seemed to be an otherwise glittering year, McKee let a sack slip by.

SMU Mustangs – An All-Academic Team With a Lot More Than Muscle

With their latest additions to the team, the SMU Mustangs team seems to be one that has enough muscle firepower and elegance to their play. The latest additions to their team are Mitch Enright and Pete Fleps.

The Florida Gator Mascot – A Match Made in Heaven!

The Florida Gator mascot is actually a match made in heaven! The Florida Gators actually have two mascots not just one. Albert E. Gator and Alberta Gator are the happy “mascot” couple who represent the University of Florida Gators. But it wasn’t always that way.

Florida Gators Stadium – Only Gators Get Out Alive!

The Florida Gators definitely have team spirit and when you visit the Florida Gators stadium on game day you see why. Florida Gators stadium, affectionately known as “The Swamp”, is usually filled to the brim with blue and orange fans cheering on their Gators team.

Tim Tebow – NFL Draft Choice?

Will we see “Tim Tebow NFL draft choice” in the news soon? Well here’s a few reasons why we just might!

Youth Football – Why Being Different Leads to Championships When Coaching Youth Football

While youth football and college football are worlds apart in many ways, there certainly are some similarities. How many of you are following what Paul Johnson is doing at Georgia Tech this year? Many “experts” said Johnson’s Flexbone option attack would never work at the big DI level.

NFL – All Time Scoring Record Holder Morten Andersen Retires

The Danish kicker and NFL all-time leading scorer of 48 years-old Morten Andersen, made known his retirement this December 8th 2008, due to his knee problems, which have affect him over this past years. Andersen, who did not play in the current season, told the press he was trying to get another contract with an NFL team, but he realized that he wasn’t the same and that he could not train now the way he use to. The Danish announced his departure of the NFL in his hometown, Copenhagen, after 25 years of professional career in the American football.

40 Yard Dash is Over Emphasized

The 40 yard dash is the cream of the crop. However, it does not show the true athletic skills of an athlete. That is why the short shuttle is the king.

There’s No Crying in Football – Oh Sorry, Yes There Is!

America, its time to be outraged along with the poor University of Texas! In January they are going to give a so-called championship trophy to a college football team that wins a so-called championship game. Why do I say “so-called?

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