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How to Get a Football Coaching Job

So you are trying to choose a career path and are considering a football coaching jobs. This job is about pure, un-adulterated love of the game and shaping the young minds of our youth. It is also about school and town pride.

Football Strength Workouts

Being bigger and stronger for football can only make you a better player. The best players are usually the strongest. That being said here are some great workout tips you can use to make you a better football player in the off season.

Youth Football – Build Your Offensive Line

Whether or not you believe it, you soon will understand that you need to have your offensive line in order if you are going to be successful in youth football or at any football level. Without a doubt your offensive line is the single most important group of your football team. Without a decent offensive line it really doesn’t matter who your quarterback and running back are, if they don’t get the blocks then they will struggle.

Patriots Defeated

Ouch…it hurts….but not as much as their loss to the NY Giants in the Superbowl 2 years ago. For those of you who understand Twitter… I watched the Twitter trending topics and at half time there were thousands of tweets across the nation about our Patriots and here were the trending topics.

NFL Draft Spotlight by Team – #29 Pick by the New York Jets

Well, it doesn’t seem like the Jets need very much after all of their trades and free agent signings over the past year. Braylon Edwards and newly acquired Santonio Holmes should be plenty for the starting WRs, and Dustin Keller is a good pass catching TE.

Storm Takes First Win in Rout of Dallas

For the second week in a row, the Dallas Vigilantes will be head back to Texas licking their turnover wounds after yet another loss. The Vigilantes turned the ball over three times to Tampa Bay who in turn took those extra possessions and turned them in to six points to take the 54-41 win. “We’ve got to stick together right now as a team,” Dallas head coach Rich Ingold said.

All About Super Bowl Tickets

Super Bowl tickets can be very expensive, with costs running from the thousands to the tens of thousands. However there are places where you can look for cheap Super Bowl tickets. Explore your options for buying cheap Super Bowl tickets and enjoy the game without burning your pockets.

Youth Football Gear – Reasons For Not Indulging in Cheap Gloves

Football is one of those games that need specialized clothing gears to protect oneself from any harm that might occur during the game. Payers are required to wear the most efficient padding, cleats, helmets and gear not only to protect their body from any harmful accidents, but also to increase their performance in the game.

NFL Draft Spotlight by Team – #28 Pick by the San Diego Chargers

Who should the Chargers take with their 1st round pick? The article also discusses the state of the Chargers team.

NFL Draft Spotlight by Team – #27 Pick by the Dallas Cowboys

Who should the Cowboys take with their #1 pick? The article also talks about the state of the Cowboys team.

Ricky Williams Personal Life Includes Yoga, Vegetarian, Social Anxiety Disorder and Hindu Faith

Ricky Williams is a famous football player. This article examines the unique off the field lifestyle that makes Ricky Williams the one of a kind person that he is.

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