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Little Things Reveal A Lot: Chip Kelly Halftime Interviews

One thing I have never understood is how most people fail to look beyond the surface of the things they see or read. I have always been more fascinated by the subtext of the things around me. I am constantly learning more things of value from what is not said or done as opposed to what is said or done.

4-2-5 Defense Coverages

The 4-2-5 Defense is one of the most popular and effective defenses in football today. The coverage you run with it will make it more effective. Use Cover 3 and Cover 2 zone coverages, as well as man coverage, to make your 4-2-5 Defense an impenetrable force.

Nebraska Got Screwed by Officials

As usual the Nebraska Cornhuskers are fighting an uphill battle in Texas tonight against Texas A&M. Texas did play a great game but in my opinion Horrible calls by the Referees cost the Huskers the game. I am sure a lot of Nebraska fans feel Nebraska got screwed by the Officials.

Arsenal FC

The rich history of Arsenal football goes back to 1886 at a Arsenal munitions factory in Woolwich. With help from co-workers and local natives that contributed to the start of the football club, the team had no name despite playing it’s first game against Dial Square which they humbly lost 6-0. While sitting at the local pub called Royal Oak, the team name was invented combining the workplace and the pub, hence Royal Arsenal was born. The name only stuck for five years and the founders of the team eventually went with Woolwich Arsenal for the team name. What began as fun and exercise for these hardworking men, little did history know or the men themselves of what they unleashed. In that same year Woolwich Arsenal became a professional club.

NFL Tickets and Travel for Your Team

Are you a huge NFL fan, but you never get to go to a game because the team you root for is always sold out? Well consider hitting the road to support your team. There are a number of places where teams do not sellout week after week. Making the trip could mean scoring a ticket.

The Southeastern Conference Football Championship

An Atlanta airport hotel gives an overview of the SEC Football Championship game in Atlanta. The 2010 game will be a matchup between Auburn and South Carolina.

Auburn and South Carolina Vie for SEC Championship

An Atlanta airport hotel profiles the two teams that will compete for the SEC Championship. The 2010 game will be a matchup between Auburn and South Carolina.

Oregon Ducks Shirts – Oregon Pride Via Clothing

One of the best ways ANY fan of college football can support their team is to sport their clothing wherever they go. If you’re a big fan of the Oregon Ducks, a sweet green & yellow shirt is perfect for you!

To Money-Grubbing College Football Bowl Organizers: Call Off the Dogs Before You Ruin the Game

Years ago going to a bowl game after regular season play was a huge reward and a sign of excellence. Now it has become an absolute joke. What has caused this sad state of affairs? I’m glad you asked. The answer is money-grubbing bowl game organizers with dollar signs in their eyes. It is all about making money at the expense of respect for the game, the players, and their quest for excellence. Find out why it will eventually diminish the game.

Football Cufflinks, Depicting the Spirit of the Sport

The craze for sports is observed in many countries, but football has a certain frenzy aura to it with its huge number of fan following round the globe. There are many sports that have created history but nothing is exemplary than soccer/football, which have die-hard fans in almost all countries. The frantic football lovers try anything to replicate their football stars and look exactly like them. From sporting their favourite player’s jersey to flaunting football cufflinks- the essence of football is felt everywhere.

Easy Come, Easy Go: The Vince Young Edition

We all learned in science class that what goes up must come down thanks to gravity. However, few of us learned that there’s a force almost as strong as gravity known as human nature that has the same effect on people. How many times have we seen athletes and others rise quickly to the highest heights and then just as quickly fall all the way back down to the ground?

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