Memorable Moments in Football History

Life Saving Maintenance Culture That Must Be Adopted By Every Kayaker!

Have you ever wondered why the experienced Kayakers always settle for an expensive equipment for all their sporting event? It is because they know that expensive equipments last longer and are high quality material that can withstand pressure, weather and some other destructive factors better than the inferior equipments. The Professional Kayakers are able to use this good equipments in manuevring and engaging themselves in different type of kayaking exercise such as Whitewater, coastal, blackwater and so on.

The Thin Air Controversy

Is thin air just as dangerous as taking steroids or is it just a lot of hot air?

A Biography of Kurt Angle

Looking at the career of olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle following his recent release from World Wrestling Entertainment.

The Olympic Games and the Gathering of Nations

One of the greatest things that human civilizations do is to get together for the Olympic Games every four years. It builds global unity and gives nations a sense of belonging to the whole of humanity. More than that it gives nations there own National Identity on the World Stage and allows them to rejoice in the spirit of nationalism themselves.

Olympics 2008 – Beijing Gaining Glamour

Beijing the capital of China is gaining glamour with its newly found glory after being chosen to host Olympics 2008. Preparations at all levels are already underway in full swing. Olympics and Sports fans are already making their travel plans to witness the grand opening and to stay to witness their favorite sport.

The Olympic Games – The History of The Olympic Games

Olympics or The Olympic Games is a multi-sports event which takes place once in four years and comprises of winter and summer games. It is an international event and almost all the countries in the globe participate in the games.

Winter Olympics Teaching Tips

Do you recognize the names Giant Slalom, Luge, and Curling? Yes? Then you must be ready for the Winter Olympics! Here are a few suggestions to make them more meaningful to your children: 1. Let each …

Ontario Sports & Olympic Youth Academy (OOYA) Shape Our Leaders Beyond the 2010 Winter Olympics

The Ontario Olympic Youth Academy provides a perfect environment for your high school leaders to experience and consider sports management, education or coaching as a career. Witness to this 4-day workshop-format conference in Ottawa Canada proved these teenagers have the leadership and will to make a difference in their schools and their communities, all through the creation of sports and physical activity programs. All provinces should now be actively supporting this youth leadership forum.

Olympic History Tidbits: The Marriage of Two Great Athletes

If you are envious of great athletes, you’ll be interested in the true story of the marriage of two great Olympic athletes. The dominant athlete of the 1968 Olympics was Vera Caslavska of Czechoslovakia who won 4 gold and two silver medal in gymnastics. Right after the closing Olympic ceremony in 1968, she married Joseph Odlizil, the 1964 Olympic silver medalist from Czechoslovakia in the 1500 meters. Their story is a sad one.

White Athletes Dominate Winter Olympics, So What?

Overkill regarding comments Winter Olympics are “too white.” Racially insensitive. Would never be made of other groups.

Finding Accommodation for the Olympics

Discusses the problem of finding accommodation during the Olympics and suggests 3 ways of getting a better deal.

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