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English Football Jargon to the Clueless

To be fair to the fans of NFL or American college football, I looked up the jargon used in football of the English variety. The words I skimmed through were as tasty and distinguishable as English cuisine. I could honestly only think of fish and chips.

Looking For a Burnley FC Forum?

First things first, you are a Big Burnley supporter and want to discuss the clarets fortune this season in their first year in premier league. It may be transfers, managers selections or a recent result that has really got your blood boiling. You can go online and chat to like minded clarets supporters about all these issues and much more.

Youth Football Assessments and Drafts – Does This Kid Have Hustle?

It’s assessment and draft night for your youth football league. The coaches are just as nervous as the players. Reputations and town bragging rights are on the line! When coaches go to assessments for drafting their team, they should be looking for kids that are willing to follow directions, show interest in being there and above all – demonstrate hustle.

The CFL Needs to Change Some Rules

The Canadian Football League (CFL) is in danger of losing many of their followers in Canada in favor of the National Football League (NFL) in the United States. Many of the rules that the CFL plays under have no basis in logic or fairness to both teams.

Surprises in the NFL – Week 3

There were quite a few surprises last weekend during the NFL football games being played. This article will be focused on the two biggest surprises (in my mind) that took place during the last week of football. The first surprise I’d like to discuss is the fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers somehow lost in Cincinnati.

Woodson is Playing Very Well For the Packers

Charles Woodson is at the very top of his game right now. He is at the age when he will start getting a little slower each year, but his instincts and mental parts of the game are at their absolute peaks. He has two interceptions so far this year and he returned one of them for a touchdown against Cincinnati. And even though he looks so good, it will end up being very disappointing for Packer fans.

Packers Vs Rams Prediction

This is a really tough one to call. It is hard for me to predict that the Packers will beat anyone this year after they looked so crappy against the Bengals of all teams. But on the other hand, the Rams have also looked really bad.

McCarthy Better Clean Up All the Packer Mistakes

I am going to look past the offensive line for the most part in this article. There is not a whole lot that coaching can do to make our OTs any better than they currently are. However, there is a whole lot that coaching can do to solve dropped passes and all the penalties.

What Should the Packers Do About the Offensive Line?

It is obvious that the Packers’ offensive line is going to be the weak link that prevents them from getting anywhere this season. The most frustrating part is that we have some areas of incredible strength on our team. And in the end it will mean nothing because the Packers cannot block anyone. At least the OTs cannot block anyone.

Pressure Off Packers

At least the Packers should not have to face the pressure of high expectations now. I think that may have had a part in all the penalties and dropped passes. The only benefit to coming out and making it very clear that you are a not a good team is that the expectations are lowered. Maybe our linemen might be able to play a little bit more loose. I am trying very hard to find a silver lining here.

Packers Are a Really Long Way From the Super Bowl

I cannot believe how fooled I was by the pre-season. I really thought the Packers were ready to take on the world and kick the crap out of Brett Favre. How wrong I was. The main problem that the Packers have is their blocking.

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