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2008 Pittsburgh Steelers Outlook

The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking to get back into their Super Bowl form of a couple years back. Their record last year was still impressive but in a touch conference like the AFC you have to be at the very top of your game to survive.

2008 Indianapolis Colts Outlook

The Colts almost had a repeat performance in 2007. Can the team bounce back and capture their 2006 glory for 2008? The city and the fans believe they have what it takes.

2008 Cleveland Browns Outlook

The Cleveland Browns came out of their stagnant position last year with an impressive win percentage and complete 180 from the direction they had headed in for the last few years. That is all good news but it all means nothing if they cant keep the momentum through 2008.

How NOT to Coach Youth Football – The Worst Youth Football Coaches, How Not to Become One

Want to see how NOT to coach youth football? Sometimes some of the best lessons are on how NOT to do something.

Youth Football Practices, Fun Increases Competitiveness – it is Your Friend, See How

Are your football practices tired and boring? Are you concerned that “having fun” will be detrimental to your youth football team? Fun is NOT the enemy, learn how to interject “fun” and increase the competitiveness of your youth football team.

Easy Football Betting

Football betting is never easy, but this article will attempt to act as a crib sheet for all you out there who are too busy to study, don’t like studying, or consider this to be your studying. There is of course no “sure thing” or matrix to follow that will ensure your success. There are however statistical hints that might aid your quest for easy football betting.

2008 Baltimore Ravens Draft Report

Can the Baltimore Raven get off this teeter totter of ups and downs that has plagued them over the last few years? They believe their most recently acquired rookies and off season transactions may be able to do the trick.

2008 New England Patriots Draft Report

The New England Patriots are coming off a historic season. Unfortunately it always happens that there are player shifts during the off season. Find out who the Patriots are adding to their roster this year.

2008 Cleveland Browns Draft Report

The 2007 Cleveland Browns opened up some eyes in the AFC last year with an impressive 10-6 finish. Although missing out on the first three rounds in the draft, the Browns were still able to get a hold of some good quality players.

2008 Cincinnati Bengals Draft Report

The new look to the 2008 Cincinnati Bengals is quite different then the previous year. With all the drama from Chad Johnson and a draft that gave them an additional 4 picks, there is a lot of questions as to who will throw on the jerseys this coming season.

2008 New York Jets Draft Report

The 2008 draft filled some gaps for the New York Jets. Their off season moves no doubt paid some attention to the areas in need. This article provides complete coverage of the New York Jets 2008 draft and some of the transactions made between seasons.

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