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Youth Football – Making Sure You Select the Right Team Mom

When coaching youth football, an important early decision is picking your Team Mom. Many years you will get lucky and get the mom that volunteer every year. Sometimes you will get no one to step forward.

Coaching Youth Football – Try to Secure Long Term Coaches For Assistants and Not Dads

With long term coaches certain potential problems do not exist. The usual problems of playing time and player positions should never be a point of contention within the staff.

Coaching Youth Football – The End of July is Approaching and Youth Football Tryouts Are Near!

Make sure each and every station or youth football drill has the purpose that will help you evaluate the players. You need to make sure that each and every child gets a fair shake.

Coaching Youth Football – Recruit the New Players During the Off-season

We are only coaching little kids sports, but let’s face the facts, you need studs to win. A great coach cannot win with terrible talent. A bad coach can ruin great talent.

Football Tackling – Has the Art of Tackling Changed? Part 2

This article discusses the tackling drills and fundamentals needed to make sound tackles. In part one of football tackling we asked if there was a new science to tackling and as taught by Chuck Clemens from the University of Central Missouri we determined there is.

Defense Training For Youth Football Players

Defense is very important in football and their strength often determines the success of the team. Defense training helps youngsters to understand the basics of defense and how they need to make tackles.

Football For Beginners and Youth

You need to practice a sport to be able to master it and this cannot be merely achieved in a day. It is very important to nurture your talent since childhood as your body is more adaptable and energetic when you are younger.

Condition Training For Youth Football Players

Conditioning is very important for any football player as they have to cope with a lot of physical situations on the field. This form of training will help the young aspirants to be at the top of their game. The foundation of this kind of training is the strength training which is a very important component for any football player.

Hate Football? Three Neat Alternatives When Football-Watching is Just Not Your Thing

Football season is coming. Endless, relentless football, dominating your TV screen. Will you once again let football drive you to the mall . . . or worse? Herewith, some enjoyable alternatives.

Quarterback Fundamentals – How to Properly Throw a Football

Throwing a football with velocity and accuracy requires proper mechanics and a lot of practice. Today I am going to give you some tips on how you can set yourself apart from the competition and throw a football with ease.

The Coaches Poll is a Nagging Problem For the College Football Top 25 Rankings

College football coaches do not have enough time to watch other teams around the country. They are biased toward their team and conference, and now they are making their votes private. The American Football Coaches Association says it’s to make the poll better, but really it’s to keep people from noticing how bad it is.

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