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AFC West Update and Carson Palmer

The AFC West is still up for grabs, and the Raiders have pulled off a big trade acquiring Carson Palmer. Big games this weekend.

Football Prediction Engine – Getting the 411!

Looking forward to great football games this season? If you are not in the know, how on earth would you be able to make good picks?

Picking The Winning Football Stats

Ever wish you could determine the winning team? There is a technique and strategy to determine the winning team, and you will discover it through a few simple steps. Accurate football stats predictions are about having the right information and being able to beat the odds and predict which team will win. You need the right data in order to choose the winning team.

Moneyball and Football Pools

It’s interesting that people are treating the movie Moneyball like it’s full of radical new ideas. The statistical revolution in baseball wasn’t even new at the time the book was written. But the core idea of the book – taking advantage of market inefficiencies – has been around forever, since the first time someone made a lopsided trade at the local bazaar.

Five Most Sought Steelers Jerseys

There are reputed online stores that have line of such Steelers jerseys. You can find the most sought after jerseys of black and yellow and also other jerseys worn by the team in different season and worn by the hot players of the game.

Football Cards – Investing in Sports Cards For Fun And Profits

People collect all kinds of items for a hobby. Some of these collector items can fetch a huge sum of money at a later date. Many sports cards collectors have realized that what started as a hobby for them had later on become a profitable source of income as well. Therefore, you can invest in sports cards for fun and for profits.

5 Steps In Predicting The Football Season

Making winning football predictions does require research. But, did you know that there are companies that have already compiled all the information you need to know to make the most accurate picks?

Find A Canopy For Camping And Your Tailgate Parties

The Coleman Canopy is something you may not be familiar with, even if you are familiar with the concept of what a canopy is. If you are not sure what a canopy is, then this article will shed some light for you on what a Coleman Canopy is and why it is useful. A canopy like the Coleman Canopy is based on an old tent design.

Football Flights to Forget

There is a notion among NFL fans that reporters who travel on the road to cover football games have it made. When I worked at KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, during the 80s, I traveled with both the Steelers and woe-begotten, one-year wonder, USFL Maulers. I always had people telling me, “Wow, you have the most exciting job, ever. You get to travel with the team, get into the games free and see so many big cities.” Yes, all of those observations are true. But, let me tell you, we didn’t always fly the friendly skies.

Do You Have Football Swagger? Find Out How To Get Football Swagger!

To have “Swagger” is to possess confidence in yourself and your ability. To have “Football Swagger” means that you’ve transferred this confidence onto the football field and you dominate your opponents. Do you have football swagger? If not, read our article on how you can get it.

The Madden Curse

In the year 2000, the Madden video game franchise underwent an important change that has been talked about in the sports world. The idea to put a football player on the cover of the bestselling sports video game franchise seemed like a good idea initially but has led to numerous injuries, retirements, and drops in statistics the season an athlete graces the cover.

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