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NFL 2011 Week 3 in Review

Perhaps one of the highlights of the NFL schedule on Sunday was the match between the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings. The game went overtime and gave Jason Hanson the opportunity to kick a 32-yard field goal, sealing the Lions’ victory over the Vikings with a final score of 26-23. One touchdown and a 78-yard rushing were done by running back Adrian Peterson for the Vikings, while quarterback Matthew Stafford made two touchdown passes to receiver Calvin Johnson. This was the first time since 1980 that Detroit maintained a three-week winning streak.

First Quarter Report on the NFL 2011 Season

The first four weeks of the National Football League are finished. The first quarter of the season deserves a review before the teams head into bye weeks and complete the first half of the season. Only two teams remain undefeated. Surprisingly, Washington and Detroit lead their divisions in the NFC. In the AFC, the Bills are overachieving while the Steelers and Colts are struggling.

Geelong Premiership History

While fans celebrate with Geelong premiership merchandise, it’s fascinating to consider the Geelong Cats’ rise to premiership status and their history. Take a look at the Cats’ history and some of the big names of the game.

My First Trip to Lambeau Field

My first trip to Lambeau Field was an incredible experience. The Packers won, we enjoyed brats with sauerkraut, and we had great seats.

Neuheisel Is Finally Learning on the Job, But Is It Too Little Too Late?

I was encouraged to read in yesterday’s newspaper that Rick Neuheisel decided to take responsibility for failing to communicate that he wanted his punter to kick the ball out of bounds, resulting in an 85-yard return for a “Momentum-swinging touchdown” right before halftime. This is the first public act of humility any of us have seen from him during his career. As recently as a few weeks ago he was quoted as saying if he gets fired he’ll be fine and just get another job; not exactly the type of comment that endears you to people.

Outdoor Canopies To Show Off Your Favorite Football Team

I suppose you could say that the modern day canopy is a prehistoric design. If you go back as far as you can in history and look into the shape and design of the cavemen you will probably find a form of shelter similar to the modern day canopy. It may of been constructed of grass, leaves, fronds or leather, but still pretty much like the current day design.

The 2011 National Football League Season Is Underway

Now that the first quarter of the National Football League’s season is over, it is time to find out what to look for as the season goes until the Super Bowl takes place in February 2012. What to look for: 1. Indianapolis Colts For Colts fans, this was the year that Indy is supposed to contend for another Super Bowl, instead this campaign might be a total wash with 4 time MVP Peyton Manning on the sidelines after undergoing neck surgery a few weeks ago.

Top 4 NFL Running Backs

Football has become the iconic American past time that brings family and friends of all ages together for weekends of victories or losses. The team we cheer on becomes a part of who we are. We wear the team’s emblem on tee shirts and the names of the players we love on our backs.

Nebraska Football Helmet – A History

Find out what Nebraska’s football helmet tells you about recent program moves. Big Ten membership being the most notable one.

Youth Football Coaching – Over the Top or Just Enthusiastic

What is appropriate for youth football coaches? When are you over the top versus just being enthusiastic?

Top Three Current NFL Quarterbacks

Everyone has their own opinions about who’s the best in anything. Personally, I think these three are without a doubt, the best in the league. Not only their stats, but also the way they manage the game, their decision making, and their leadership abilities.

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