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America Loves an Underdog – Especially in Sports

Everybody in the country was hoping for underdog New Orleans to win the Super Bowl. At least it seemed that way. The only ones not cheering for the Saints were folks from Indiana (the Indianapolis Colts was the team they played) and serious bettors (on paper league MVP Payton Manning and his team had already won the game). But in sports, as in life, there’s no such thing as a lead-pipe cinch.

Football Speed Drills & Suicides

Suicides… they got that nickname for a reason. These are the drills that you see people sweating and crying over in movies before they come from behind to win the impossible game. Fortunately, though they hurt, they work. Here are a few ideas for team drills you can try.

How to Practice Your Football Technique Without a Team

Ever want to play football but can’t find yourself a team to scrimmage with? Playing solo may not be quite as fun as with a team, but its a great way to practice throwing and hone your skills on the field. Read on for a brief how to.

A Super Apology to the New Orleans Saints

Dear Sean Payton, Drew Brees, and the New Orleans Saints, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I have ridiculed your success over the past month. I’m sorry that I have called your coaches and players inadequate.

BCS Controversy – A Debate Between AQ’s and Non-AQ’s

The six BCS conferences continue to hold firm to their automatic bowl selections, while the likes of Boise State, TCU, Utah, BYU, and other top tier non-AQ’s attempt to claw their way into the big bowls. Sometimes they’ve made it, sometimes they haven’t. These teams have been required to have unblemished records come bowl selection time, and sometimes that hasn’t even been enough.

Football Memorabilia

The history of football memorabilia such as books is not a glorious one. This could be because the sport simply doesn’t lend itself to fiction; or perhaps because nobody who’s any good at writing fiction has ever written much about football.

Top Stories From Super Bowl XLIV

For the third straight year, football fans enjoyed a competitive Super Bowl game that has often left fans disappointed after sitting through many blowouts in recent years. The New Orleans Saints surprised the sports world by beating an Indianapolis Colts team that was favored to win the game. Much of this occurred thanks to a powerful offensive performance on the part of Drew Brees and his teammates, but the New Orleans defense was equally efficient in limiting Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

Saints to Win!

Okay, since we all know that the New Orleans Saints are going to win Superbowl XLIV, I thought it might be fun for us Saints fans to learn a little bit of trivia about our beloved team. You die-hard Saints fans might find some of the questions tough and quite interesting. Keep reading, you might learn something!

The New Orleans Saints Win the Super Bowl!

After going their entire history in the NFL not winning a Super Bowl the Saints have finally done it! I can’t believe it but it is really true, the Saints are number one!

Analyzing CJ Spiller For the NFL Draft

CJ Spiller is the fast running back and kick returner for Clemson. He should go very high in the 2010 NFL draft.

2010 NFL Draft

With the NFL draft right around the corner it will be interesting to see who will be drafted first. The draft is two long days, but it is always eventful.

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