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Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony

Yes friends. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games we were waiting for so anxiously are finally here. I had the privilege of watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony live by satellite.

Olympics – USA Smashes World Record in Relay Final and Keep Michael Phelps’ Golden Dream Alive

The Olympic 4x100m freestyle relay was one of the most thrilling swimming events in the Water Cube. Records were obliterated but, at the end, Michael Phelps’ golden dream remained intact.

6 Lessons the Olympics Can Teach Boomers

This summer, billions of fans are watching athletes from around the world compete in the Beijing Olympics. With political controversy and global tensions currently running rampant, these diverse games reflect the delicate balance between reality and entertainment. If you’re a Sandwiched Boomer, the Olympics can satisfy the yearning for distraction from your immediate concerns about economic instability and caring for your family-in-flux.

Beijing Summer Olympics Made a History

Beijing took the pride in hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics. The matter has been goodly and badly criticized by different media and people. From the logo they have used to the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) they have built in order to house the different game facilities.

Should Rugby Sevens be an Olympic Event?

Rugby sevens has been touted as a potential Olympic event for awhile now. But why is it thought so highly of, and should it be seriously considered? Here we look at why it really should be given serous consideration.

Indian-Origin Gymnast Uplifts US Olympic Gymnastic Team

After the galactic opening ceremony, it was hard-grind time for Olympic athletes. Traditionally, gymnastics is one of the earliest sport to commence competition just after the opening ceremony Beijing Olympics being no different. A face to watch in the US Men’s gymnastic team was an Indian-origin Raj Bhavsar.

Swimming at the Olympics – What You Can Learn by Watching it on Television!

What can you learn by watching the Olympic swimming events on television! With the Olympics now here, there are many ways you can use the Olympic Games to improve your own swimming. Read on to find out how watching Grant Hackett, Leisel Jones and Michael Phelps can help you improve your swimming!

Wushu, Accepted As Olympic Game Event

Wushu is practised all over China and is an important component of the cultural heritage of the country. Most visitors to China are deeply impressed by the tremendous popularity of wushu in this country. If you take a walk in the morning, you will see people practicing wushu barehanded or with weapons in parks, at the shore, or on roadside open grounds. Marked by callisthenic beauty and rhythm, their movements follow set patterns that are designed more for health-building than for self defense.

China’s Great Firewall – Will it Disrupt the Olympics?

With the 2008 Beijing Olympics drawing near, new discussions have arisen regarding China’s notoriously controlling government. While the nation’s strict laws have previously only affected their citizens, some policies will now have a significant impact on the Olympic events.

2008 Beijing Gold Fuwa Olympic Coins

The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing are here and so is the new 2008 Olympic Gold Coins. Find out more about these symbolic coins that are great for collectors and tourists alike.

The Hype of Beijing Olympics 2008

If you are huge sports fan like me, you do not want to miss a single moment of action. Read the article for more Olympic News.

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