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Why You Should Buy a Brett Favre Viking Jersey

Brett Favre is one of the most popular – yet controversial – players in the National Football League. Once again he has pleased his fans and baffled his critics by returning for another season at 40 years old. His #4 jerseys are always a top-seller and his Vikings jersey will be no different.

What is the Best Workout For Football Players?

If you are a football player wanting to really up your game and get an edge on the competition then you have got read this article. Permit yourself a minute to read and learn about what workouts are the best for your football game performance!

Explosive Power – The Single Best Exercise For Football Explosiveness!

Football requires explosive power and the only way to get that is to train your body to produce it! Workout routines for football have to be catered so that the proper training response will produce the same actions that you incorporate on the football field. Check out the following single best exercise below to get the explosive total body power that you need to perform.

College Football – Has Washington Finally Come Alive? Yes, 5 Touchdowns in Their First 5 Possessions

It’s a funny thing about winners-you never have to announce them, they announce themselves. That is exactly what happened when the University of Washington coaches and players stepped into the sunlight for the first time in 22 months, beating Idaho 42-23 at Husky Stadium in Seattle. For the Husky faithful, it was reminiscent of Perry Como’s singing again, “the bluest skies I ever saw were in Seattle.” Learn the full story.

College Football – Michigan State is Out-Coached, Out-Played and Upset 29-27 by Central Michigan

Michigan State blew its chance to run the table this year by letting poor coaching and poor playing open the door for Central Michigan to upset the Spartans 29-27 on their home turf. The Spartans, a 14.5 point favorite over the Chippewas of the mid-level, Mid American Conference, will not go unbeaten this year despite getting both Michigan and Penn State and home, and not having to face Ohio State at all. Find out what went wrong.

How to Choose Cheap Football Kits

Choosing cheap football kits may appear an inane inconsequential activity, but delve a little deeper into the prospect, and a myriad of considerations are unveiled. You may be looking for football clothes/kits for a junior or senior school team at cheap prices.

Shevchenko’s Chelsea Dream

Andriy Shevchenko, the dashing Ukranian striker, has left Chelsea after spending three unsuccessful years in the club. The man Chelsea bought for a club record 30 million pounds failed to…

Set the Tone

Setting the tone is about more than just barking orders at your kids from the get-go. It’s there in the way that you carry yourself on the field, they way you handle setbacks and mistakes, and the way you celebrate successes. It’s a quality of poise that radiates from you even when you aren’t saying a word.

Is Brett Favre Ruining His Legacy?

When Future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre first retired in 2007 after 16 years of playing for the Green Bay Packers many thought he was doing the right thing. He was 37 years old and over his career he did more for his team and the Green Bay organization then most players could ever dream of. He was a player who had always seem to put his team first, despite his many individual achievements.

Youth Football Drills – Teaching Defensive Pursuit

One of the skills most critical to a successful team defense is defensive pursuit, so it is the very first thing I drill with youth football players. Over the years I have determined that the best way to begin teaching this skill is with the My “11 vs 1: Don’t Touch the One” drill. By starting at a walking pace and with only one, single offensive player (the ball carrier), I have found that even the players who are initially “lost” can begin grasp what is required of them to contribute to great team pursuit.

Youth Football Coach – Your Guide to a Successful Season

Don’t take the field on Saturday unprepared. Youth football is one of the most difficult youth sports to coach. There are so many players of different skill levels and positions that need to be taught, you can’t do it alone. There is more to coaching than just teaching the X’s and O’s.

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