Joe Burrow & Bengals Claim 1st AFC North Title Since 2015 | CBS Sports HQ

Lance Moore, New Orleans Saints WR

I wrote recently about how I believe a number of unheralded New Orleans Saints players will soon find national acclaim if they continue playing as they have to date this season. In this article I want to pay particular attention to WR Lance Moore who I truly believe to be the Wes Welker of the Saints and one of the most underrated players in the NFL.

Use Your Youth Football League Rules to Your Advantage

I believe you need to have a complete understanding of the rules your youth football league abides by. Every youth football program will have a policy on parents. It may be a Parents Code of Conduct or rules they need to follow during games and practices. It is your job to know these rules inside and out and make sure all of your parents are aware of them.

High School Football Officials – Pre-Game Discussions Are Vital!

There are many things a high school football crew should do prior to each game and during each game. On-field communication is one of the primary keys to looking sharp and becoming a really good varsity football crew.

7 Skills Necessary to Play Cornerback

Football is a game that demands very much from its participants both mentally and physically. Although every position presents it challenges, the more challenging side of the ball is unquestionably defense and more specifically the hardest position is cornerback.

Complete More Passes! The Quarterback Training Guide

In this article, I talk about how your completion percentage can go through the roof by simply changing just a few things in your mechanics. Also, we talk about vision and how important it is.

Cincinnati Bengals Are For Real

The Cincinnati Bengals are one of the more interesting stories in the NFL. After success a few years ago, the team has struggled to find its way. Despite this, they’ve chosen to hold onto head coach Marvin Lewis and mainly kept the rest of the team intact.

Bird Feed – Philadelphia Eagles Have a Tough Road Ahead

Over the past decade, the Eagles’ faithful have come to expect at least one inexplicably horrible game every season. In 2009, that game showed up a few weeks earlier than expected for Andy Reid and his flock of birds. The Eagles are 3-2 and have more than enough time to straighten things out, so this is no time to panic. At least not until you look at what lies ahead. Now start panicking.

Is Will Witherspoon the Right Answer?

Coming into the season we know we had the answer to the MLB position with Stewart Bradley. When he went down for the year, everyone kind of scratched their head and said “now what?” We tried two young options in Joe Mays and Moise Fokou but neither worked. Omar Gaither tried to fill the void at the position but failed again. Jeremiah Trotter was brought back to the team but has clearly shown he is past his prime and isn’t the solution. So now the team has made a trade, giving away a talented prospect, in hopes that Will Witherspoon can be a solid substitute in the middle.

Famous New Orleans Saints Players of the Future

I have a feeling that when all is said and done the New Orleans Saints are going to end up with a number of newly famous players come the end of this season. At present the Saints roster is full of unassuming team players who do not get national recognition at their position. That is sure to change if they continue to play in the same vein of form that has taken the Saints to 5 and 0.

Key to Success – Forget About the Raiders

Sunday’s loss to the Raiders was downright embarrassing. We all know that already. The Eagles know that too, and I’m sure they’re going to hear about it big time in film this week. However, the best thing they can do is learn from the mistakes they made and then just forget Sunday ever happened.

Avoiding the “Mob Mentality” If the Ship Starts Sinking When Coaching Youth Football

No matter how long you have been coaching youth football, there will come a year when everything seems to go wrong. It may be due to lack of talent, injuries or just bad luck. It never fails that when things go bad, so do some of the parents.

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