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How Would You Like To Sit Under An E-Z Up Tent And Watch Your Children Play Sports And Stay Cooler?

Have you ever sat in the sun and watched your children playing sports in the sun and wished you had a way to get cooler? Well, ever thought about sitting under an Easy Up Tent with a Soft Sided Cooler beside you with cold drinks in it?

Watch Football On Satellite

To watch football on satellite is becoming more popular today with more and more families for a few reasons. The telephone and cable companies are having trouble keeping up with the demand of the house building market and in quite a few places the only form of TV that is available is through a satellite dish companies like Direct TV, which many are thankful for.

College Football Picks – 2010 New Mexico State Aggies

The New Mexico State Aggies had a terrible NCAA Football Picks season in 2009. The Aggies have a clean slate and a new attitude, but the question is do they have the talent to match the new attitude to start the 2010 season?

Week One Of The 2010 NFL Season – Looking Back At All The Games

week one of the 2010 NFL season is in the books. If you didn’t get a chance to see the action, here is a brief rundown of every game played.

Tom Brady Contract Extension

The New England Patriots don’t want to lose Tom Brady. They certainly showed him that in his recent contract extension.

Volunteers Football – 2010 Should Be a Year of Growth, Not Success

No football coach at any level sits his team down at the beginning of the season and says, “Listen guys, we’re not going be spectacular this year. In fact, we’ll do well to salvage our dignity in the face of our more talented foes. But hey, let’s go play some football, shall we?” Actually, a coach would tell the worst team in the world just the opposite, and probably mean it. But beyond professional motivation, the facts remain: a poorly prospected team generally fulfills its prospectus.

The Reggie Bush Saga Over Taking Money

There is a way to stop punishing athletes for taking money… PAY THEM… and please don’t you people start complaining about how he received a scholarship. He made millions for that school and helped them win a National Championship which brought in millions more in TV revenue and recruits to boot. Now if the players were allowed to receive payments there would be no issue.

LSU Football – Could 2010 Be Another 2007?

LSU has been an underrated college football team in recent years, with even the Tigers’ 2007 National Championship coming after preseason analysis predicted nothing special for the team. Looking ahead to 2010, Tigers fans can see similarities to 2007, particularly for how the team’s athletic prowess needs to mesh on the field. With 2010 being called a make or break season for Tigers Head Coach Les Miles, we take at look at the Tigers’ components to get a better sense of their prospects.

Kentucky Football? In 2010, the Wildcats Have Something to Prove on the Gridiron

In the sports world, University of Kentucky gets most of its props for its basketball roster dotted with NBA prospects. But if Kentucky’s new football coach, Joker Phillips, has anything to say about it, Kentucky’s long honored basketball tradition will have to give a slice of its limelight to Kentucky football.

For South Carolina Football, 2010 Should Bring More Questions Than Answers

If you’re a Gamecocks football fan, you’re probably wondering if the 2010 Cocks will be bowl brilliant or not worth rooting for, or at least you should be. You see: there are some big time positives for the Cocks. But there are some big time negatives too; conundrums that could easily spell doom for an otherwise talented team. Think the Cocks are destined to be the 2010 beasts of the east?

NFL Picks – 2010 Week 1 – Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans

The Oakland Raiders travel to LP field on Sunday September 12, 2010 to open the 2010 NFL Picks season against the Tennessee Titans. Oakland has been more confident coming into this season opener as they have been in almost a decade.

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