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Coaching Youth Football – Statistics That Really Matter

What are “good” football plays when you are coaching youth football? There are many ways to define a “good” football play, but many players, parents and youth football coaches have it all wrong. Many youth football coaches don’t even bother to analyze their football plays. They have a general “feel” for what is working and what isn’t and rely on that “feel” to determine which plays they should continue to go with or those they feel they should stop running.

Are the Super Bowl Ticket Prices Significantly Different Depending Where Your Seat Is?

The Super Bowl is an extremely popular event that most football fans would love to attend due to the fact that it is the ending game to a long series and it is a history making event especially for an underdog winning. There are so many people that would pay high super bowl ticket prices in order to be at the Super Bowl no matter where their sets were located at within the venue that the Super Bowl is going to be held. Most people buy Super Bowl tickets right when they go on sale in order …

The Truth About Drafting a QB in the Top 10

How many times have you heard some pundit proclaim that you don’t need to draft a QB early? They usually throw out a couple of convenient examples like Tom Brady going in the 6th round, or Kurt Warner not being drafted. Those taking the other side of the argument may point out the Manning brothers.

A Piece of Pepper

Well the Cutler/Denver drama is over and we can look forward to the NFL draft at the end of the month. My quick recap of the trade: my initial thought is that Denver made a steal on this deal.

2009 Oakland Raiders Draft Grade

Well the 2009 NFL draft is over with and the Oakland Raiders sure made a lot of people including myself scratch their head. It is clearly evident that Al Davis values nothing more than speed when evaluating players. Sure, Darius Heyward-Bey ran the fastest 40 time at the combine but what does that really prove?

Why Are Super Bowl Ticket Prices So High?

When you have an event or an object that is in high demand, you almost can basically put any kind of price on it that you want within reason. There is a lot of money that can be made in sports such as football due to the amount of fans that there are around the world. This is why super bowl ticket prices can be place at a high amount of money due to the fact that it is a very important event for football teams, their franchises, and their football fans.

How Can You Make Money Off of the Super Bowl Ticket Prices?

Making money off of the Super Bowl is almost as big of an event as the actual Super Bowl itself. There are many people that save their money and wait every year for the sale of the Super Bowl tickets to begin. They will then check out what the Super Bowl ticket prices are and then determine how many tickets they will be able to purchase.

Things You May Need For Your Child’s Summer Football Camp

Summer is closer everyday and that means summer camps. There are certain accessories that you may need to buy for your child’s football camp.

Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl in 2009

Washington residents are proud of their Western Division NFL team – the Seattle Seahawks. While they are a phenomenal team, they are most well known for the entrances, onto the field, during home games. Every home game opens with the entertainment of the team being led onto the field by an Aqur Hawk by the name of Tania.

What Has Gotten Into the Detroit Lions?

The Detroit Lions, like many other NFL teams, have been around for quite some time. However, no other team has given fans such an embarrassing season as the Lions did in 2008. Their 2008 season was, by far, the worst the NFL has seen in their entire history, yet, Lions fans are loyal and are still standing by their team.

Will the Houston Texans Be ’09 Champions?

The Houston Texans are beginning to make a name for themselves across the entire league. With drafts coming up soon, everyone is talking about what move the Texans will make with their slot at 15. The team is focusing on building a strong team that plays well together, and plays on each other’s strengths rather than weaknesses. This leaves the door wide open for draft picks.

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