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Miami Dolphins Struggle With 2009 Start

The Miami Dolphins were the feel good story of the 2008 NFL season. The team finished with a 1-15 regular season record in 2007, and was written off as quite possibly the worst football team of the decade. Things didn’t look too much brighter entering the 2008 season, nor did they look much better for Chad Pennington.

The New York Jets Defense is One of the NFL’s Best

Any fan of the New York Jets has to be feeling pretty good about their team right now. The Jets seem to be a completely new team post-Mangini, and their 2-0 start has the city of New York buzzing about the new and improved New York Jets. The Jets looked great during the first week of football, with a big win in Houston over the Texans.

Chicago Bears Redeem Themselves Against Steelers

Hopes were very high for the Chicago Bears before the start of the 2009 season. Having acquired a stud quarterback in Jay Cutler, the Bears were ready to eliminate and overcome the one major question mark that may have weighed them down over the past few seasons. Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman were average quarterbacks at best, and diminished the effectiveness of an amazing defensive unit and a great running game, especially after the emergence of Matt Forte.

Kansas City Chiefs Start Win Less After Two Close Losses

The Kansas City Chiefs entered the season with new hope, and with good reason. While the team shouldn’t reasonably expect to make the playoffs in 2009, an improved set of players offensively and defensively should give the Chiefs a little more to strive for than in recent years. The team has lost star tight end Tony Gonzalez, but some other additions drown this loss out a bit.

The Raiders May Be Better Than People Think

The Oakland Raiders are an interesting team. Dominant in the earlier part of the decade thanks to players like Rich Gannon, Jerry Rice, Charlie Garner, and Tim Brown, the Raiders have struggled mightily over the past few years, attempting to rebuild, and encountering many problems along the way. Various experiments, like the Randy Moss, Lamont Jordan, and Daunte Culpepper experiments, have been failures.

Chargers Lose Nail-Biter to Ravens

The San Diego Chargers have been bestowed with high hopes going into the 2009 season. Many are even speaking of this team as a favorite to emerge from the AFC conference and make its way to the Super Bowl.

Denver Broncos Beat Browns, Jump to 2-0

Wow! After a disappointing 2008 campaign and one of the worst defensive performances around, the Broncos were looking pretty dreadful. On top of this, their star quarterback, Jay Cutler, demanded a trade, and their star wide receiver, Brandon Marshall, refused to play.

Tennessee Titans Are Winless After Two

What has become of the mighty Tennessee Titans. This is a team that opened up the season undefeated through the first two months of the NFL season in 2008. An amazing defensive unit, two powerful running backs in Chris Johnson and LenDale White, and a team led by the wise ways of accomplished head coach Jeff Fisher.

Kolb to Be Starter in Philadelphia

The first week of games in the National Football League was fun to watch, but it was also costly to many teams. Significant starters around the league went down hard, and some of them for the season.

Oakland Raiders Different This Year

For the last couple of seasons the Oakland Raiders have been a lower level team in the NFL. Not only has their win/loss record been poor, but they have been dominated physically and fundamentally by their opponents. The 2009 Raider team is looking to turn things around.

Falcons Pick Up Where They Left Off in 2008

After a great finish to the 2008 season, the Falcons were the toast of the NFL. Coming off of a few losing seasons, the team was revitalized, thanks in large part to three people. Matt Ryan, for one, was a more than competent rookie quarterback, and lived up to the hype cast upon any number one draft pick.

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