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Pop Warner Football – Do You Ever Retaliate?

Have you ever had the score run up on you in Pop Warner football? Is it ever “ok” to retaliate?

Preconceived Notions Are Your Enemy In Pee Wee Football

Preconceived notions about people or players can destroy Pee Wee football teams. See how I learned my lesson the hard way.

Youth Football Coaching – What to Do to Make Your Team a Winner Today – is it New Football Drills?

In the off-season when you are coaching football, what can you be doing this very minute to improve your youth football teams? Is it new football drills?

Improving Your Youth Football Defense – The Punting Game

Did you know punting can be one of the most important part of your defense? Gaining field position is key in youth football defense strategy. How are you coaching up your punters? Are the figuring it out on their own? Some simple tips to improve your punting game:

Beating Teams That All-Out Blitz In Youth Football – Offensive Line Tricks

Are all Youth Football Leagues Competitive? First of all let me start off by saying 95% of the people that e-mail me say they are in a very competitive league. The problem is there is no way 95% of us are playing in competitive leagues and many have no frame of reference outside of their league.

Coaching Youth Football – Offensive Line

The offensive line is a team within a team. They have to play as a unit from left end to right end. They can and should help each other. They MUST work together.

Youth Football Coaching – Placekicking Tips For the Youth Football Coach

Are you coaching “up” your kickers on your youth football team or are you just hoping they figure it out on their own? Some simple things you can do.

Youth Football Coaching Clinics – Some Tips To Running An Effective One

Any youth football coaching clinics need to cover a variety of topics including, practice organization, defense, offense and game day management. They should last about 6 hours and should include plenty of hands on demos, film and plenty of handouts. We prefer to use Powerpoint with embedded video of kids in practice and game day situations.

Youth Football Practice – Assessing Your Talent Levels

Many coaches like to know what kinds of kids I have to work with so they can make comparisons with what they have. My guess is our experiences are fairly similar.

Who Will Win the English Premiership in 2008?

As we come up to the busy Christmas period in the English Premiership, there are once again probably only four teams with a realistic chance of becoming champions Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea. Arsenal Although Aresnal have made a fantastic start to the season I worry about their strength in depth and have serious doubts whether they have enough quality to maintain their title challenge. Players like Fabregas and Gallas are quality but the test will be when they have a bad patch and are faced with injury problems.

NFL Football – Purchase Super Bowl Tickets at Face Value

Would you like the opportunity to purchase tickets to the Super Bowl? This article will explain the steps that are necessary to give you an opportunity to purchase two tickets to the Super Bowl every year at face value!

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