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Bengals Beat Packers 31-24

I woke up this morning thinking that the Packers were going to have an easy game and that they would be moving to 2-0. I thought this because the Packers looked so horrible last week against the Bears. I assumed that they would have a lot to prove and come out ready to whip up on the Bengals to redeem themselves. This did not happen because of a ton of mistakes that include more dropped passes, penalties, and absolutely no blocking up front.

Packers Have Key Injuries Already

Among the players on the Packers injury list for Sunday’s game the Bengals are Bigby, Clifton, Blackmon, College, Crosby, Jackson, Jennings, and Raji. Some of the injuries are not serious, but it is the beginning of a serious trend that always seems to be a factor with the Packers. We consistently lose a lot of players to injuries.

Solid Individual Performances – Jolly, Jenkins, Chillar, Jennings, and Grant

Despite all the problems the Packers had, there were noteworthy individual performances that deserve praise. These players include Johnny Jolly, Cullin Jenkins, Brandon Chillar, Greg Jennings, and Ryan Grant. Without the plays made by these five individuals we definitely would have lost the game.

A Win, But There Are Plenty of Things to Improve Upon

The Packers ended up winning the game against our arch rivals so all is good in Packerland, but there were still plenty of things that the Packers should be focused on in practice this week. First, I was surprised by the amount of passes that were flat out dropped by our receivers.

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Steelers Football Tickets – The No-Hassle Way

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New England Patriots Tickets For Less

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Ranking the NFC East

We’re now three weeks into the football season. While it’s still early, some things are becoming clear as each week unfolds. The NFC East has always been viewed as one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL.

San Diego Chargers Must Address Defensive Troubles

The San Diego Chargers have been bestowed with high hopes going into the 2009 season. Many are even speaking of this team as a favorite to emerge from the AFC conference and make its way to the Super Bowl. This is a team that has seen multiple playoff berths over the past few years, and a core of players that continues to improve.

Broncos Look Great After Two Weeks of Football

Who would have thought that the Denver Broncos would open up the season with two wins? Following a disappointing finish last season, it looks like Denver football is back. Ironically, it’s all happening without their long standing coach, Mike Shanahan.

Tennessee Titans Fall to 0-2

Who would have expected the Tennessee Titans to open up the season with an 0-2 record? The Titans dominated their competition during the 2008 regular season. If my memory serves me right, I think they won their first 10 games before losing one in November.

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