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Mark Sanchez – NFL Rookie Or Jets Savior?

In the 2008 season, Mark Sanchez stepped up into the role as the dominant college quarterback people have come to expect out of Southern Cal. He began the season strong as he torched a supposedly dominant Ohio State team in week 2 for 4 touchdowns.

Most Americans Watch the Super Bowl Every Year

Each and every year, millions of people all around the world cook up their favorite junk foods and settle in to view the National Football League’s championship game. The Super Bowl is televised in many countries all around the world, which has caused American football to rise in popularity.

Top 3 Big 12 Teams For the 2009 College Football Season

We are yet to see some powerful teams from Big 12 North because so far it seems like forever since the teams of the South have dominated the Big 12. There is no hope of that changing anytime soon however because the gap in the potential of the two division is only increasing if anything.

Top 3 Pac-10 Teams For the 2009 College Football Season

The USC Trojans have been an unstoppable force in the Pac-10 so far but this year may be a different ball game after all. This is a team that has been a stockpile for talent for quite some time now but now that some of the best ones have left for NFL, the team faces a shortage in talent.

Michael Vick Signing With the Eagles – Better Deal Than Expected

I know everyone out there is grieving over the fact that Michael Vick is back in the NFL. I don’t see the problem with him coming back.

Michael Vick Signing With Eagles – The Pressure is On

The pressure is yet fueling right now for the Eagles organization. It seems like when the Eagles make a big move on their team, they end up on the headlines.

Michael Vick Signing With Eagles – Bad For the Eagles?

There are a lot of questions going around about Michael Vick’s progression as a football player as well as a man. I think we can live with the fact that he made a mistake and decided to live with it.

The Basics to NFL Handicapping!

Many people bet without really thinking about their choice. Some people based it on power ratings while some based it on the number of wins and losses. Others based it simply on their gut feel. However, you need to have a basic understanding on how NFL handicapping really works to be assured of the returns of your betting money.

Top NFL Picks of All Time!

There are several football teams that are excellent, solid strong, yet only a few particular individuals stand out. Here are the top NFL picks of all time. These are players that made unforgettable memories in the football field, players that made new records, and players that inspired millions of fans.

Top 3 ACC Football Teams For the 2009 College Football Season

Ever since the Florida and Miami State teams have fallen, Virginia Tech has become the top contender in the ACC. They have really set their hold on the ACC’s marquee program and there seems to be a good chance of them making the ACC title yet again this season in 2009.

Top 3 SEC Football Teams For 2009 College Football Season

At the present moment, the Florida Gators are the sure shot winners of the SEC with not a single team in sight who can match up to them. There are of course the LSU, Alabama and Ole Miss. LSU and Alabama are the better teams of the lot but Ole Miss might have a breakout season this year.

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