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Should the Olympic Games Go Ahead?

Athletes are trained to their best and the excitement of the Olympics is such that calling it off would be catastrophic in their eyes. There is also a huge investment of money, time, organisation, and a country’s resources ties up in it. Weigh that, however, against the threat to the world’s health and where are we?

The Spirit of the Universe and the Olympic Games

How do we decide what is right and wrong and why do things like the Olympic Games become so big and powerful that the power created overrides the world’s health? These are questions that have cropped up in the light of the Zika virus which threatens to have a devastating effect on world health. The facts are that we are all under the control of the Spirit of the Universe and no matter our personal desires we are trapped in its plan while the future belongs to it.

Are the Olympic Games Worth More Than Life?

We are heading into a global catastrophe and the will to prevent it is not there. The Zika virus that is currently out of control in Brazil stands to threaten the world with a problem that may yet prove fatal for millions. While one of the conditions caused by it concerns the small heads of babies of which there have already been over a thousand cases there are other side effects now coming to light.

Will The Zika Virus Derail the 2016 Olympics In Brazil?

Hosting the Olympic Games is a big deal, it puts nations on the map, and shows their first world status – it’s a big honor, and it is very costly – not all nations can afford to even consider it, and those who do, often have to cough up big bucks to host the games and deal with the economic costs later, paying off the debt and bonds taken out to make it all happen. In hindsight many countries wish they’d reconsidered their choice to bid for the big games. Brazil will host the 2016 Olympic Games, but already the troubles are mounting. Let’s talk.

Ultimate Sharpshooter at 78 – Age is No Limit in 10m Pistol Shooting

A 78-year-old Indian woman believed to be the world’s oldest female professional sharpshooter is an inspiration to competitive air pistol shooters across the world. From young children to old grandparents, Chandro Tomar has her own loyal band of followers in the Olympic sport of 10m Air Pistol Shooting.

John Akii-Bua, Judith Ayaa, and Vitus Ashaba: The 1972 Pre-Olympic Track-And-Field Invitational Meet

A Pre-Olympic Meet in 1972, a tune-up for the upcoming Olympics, took place in Munich in West Germany in mid-August. Elite athletes from many countries, arrived in Munich approximately ten days before the 1972 Olympics, to participate. The track-and-field meet that spanned two days is also dubbed the “Hanns-Braun Memorial International Pre-Olympic Invitational.” The Ugandan athletes that would commendably perform well were hurdler, sprinter and former decathlon athlete John Akii-Bua; sprinter Judith Ayaa, and steeplechaser and middle-distance runner Vitus Ashaba.

Vitus Ashaba: Uganda National Records at the Olympics, and the Race With Kipchoge Keino and Jim Ryun

In the late August of 1972, Uganda middle-distance champion and steeplechaser Vitus Ashaba aged 29, flew to Munich with the crop of Ugandan athletes and boxers to represent the nation at the Olympics in Germany. Also registered to compete in both the 1500 meters and the 3000 meters steeplechase were legendary Kenyan Hezekiah Kipchoge Keino, and the then unheralded future Tanzanian legend Filbert Bayi Sanka. One of the most anticipated Olympic 1500m duals would be that between “Kip” Keino and America’s greatest high school and national middle-distance runner James “Jim” Ryun who held the world-record holder.

Bring on the Games! Ready for the 2015 All African Games in Congo-Brazzaville?

49 years ago the first All Africa Games were held in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo. Next year, the 50th anniversary of the games, the 11th All Africa Games will return to the city that gave birth to them.

How Olympians Deal With Winning Medals at the Winter Games

At the 2014 Olympics, Sarah Hendrickson just might feel a bit of relief mixed in with the pressure as she decends one hundred-fifty yards during her ski jump. Hendrickson is now considered an underdog in an event which she is the reigning champion.

Go Canada Go, What a Team of Canadian Athletes We Have at the 2014 Games!

Hey Canada… What a rush!

Inspiration Abounds At The Olympics

There is so much good that can be said about excellence in any form, whether it be in academics, artistic expression, superiority in sports, musical talent, or whatever else. Not only does that good flow to the athlete, the artist, the scholar or the musician, it also positively affects all those who witness it or who are affected by it in one way or another.

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