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Olympic Hosting Cities Are Challenged in the Bidding Process

When a city bids to host the Olympic Games, often they don’t fully know all of their costs upfront, rather they have to guess, and guesstimate the expenses in advance of selling it to the public. Generally they have the politicians on board the backing of their nation, state, province, and county. It takes years to prepare the plans, costs, and then bid.

What Happens When Olympic Hosting City’s Taxpayers Foot the Bill?

Most people are unaware of the severe economic and real-estate challenges which occur after a hosting city builds huge stadiums and facilities once the Olympic Games are over. Unfortunately, in historical hindsight it’s seldom a rosy picture. Worse, often the poor local taxpayers end up footing the bill, which means fewer city services – and that means citizens are often left feeling the pain.

International Olympic Committee and 2012 London Games – Controversy Brewing

There is probably no stronger brand than that of the IOC or International Olympic Committee. Think about that for a moment if you will. It’s really true isn’t it?

The 2012 London Olympic Games – Storms are Brewing – No Guarantees on the Weather!

Do you remember when the Chinese Government guaranteed no smog and clear skies for the Beijing Olympic Games, as all this was to be achieved with sophisticated weather control technology? Well, they almost pulled it off didn’t they, and close enough, as the Beijing Games were spectacular in every regard. Well, weather isn’t the only challenge that plagues the hosting cities of the Olympic Games, and maybe we should address some of the economic issues as well?

What Will Become of the 2012 London Olympic Stadium After the Olympics

It is widely known that often the massive Olympic stadiums start to fall to ruin after the host city wraps up the final events. Just take a look at Athens’ stadium or so many others. We also have Winter Olympic ski jumps sitting idle, old bobsled tracks, and hotels that never see that level of volume again.

The 2012 Olympic Games Must Go On – Oh It Will But Not Without Controversy I Say!

As most of my readers know, I like to bring a little chaos and controversy to the Online World and to blogosphere too. Luckily for you, I recently met one of the most irreverent and controversial bloggers in London. Ah yes, I speak of Josh Aggars, oh so you’ve heard of him too.

Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) for the 2012 London Olympic Games Fiasco

As you well know the Olympic Park Legacy Company is putting things together for the 2012 Olympic Games in historic London England in what could very well be one of the greatest Olympic Games of the last 75-years. And that is really significant considering that some of the world’s greatest cities have hosted the games during those times. So, I asked the famous Josh Aggars of London, a blogger with a reputation for some serious no-holds-bar sound and fury, what it all meant, and what was really happening there, figuring he definitely ought to know.

2012 London Olympic Games Controversy and Economic Realities

It seems as always the 2012 Olympic Games which will be hosted in London are not without a little controversy. This should be expected by any host nation staging such a massive event with such profound historical implications. The other day I was discussing all this with a Londoner, and a well known controversial blogger, one who refuses to go the way of the quiet and content mass media reporters and commentators.

London 2012 Olympics – Free Money Making Opportunities Await You

The London 2012 Olympics will be an oasis of money making opportunities for those who know what they are doing. It’s expected that the entire event will bring revenues of 9 billion sterling pounds. A great share of these revenues will go to the thousands of people eager and motivated to make money.

Trivia Facts About Blanka Vlasic – World’s Best Female Athlete in 2010

The year of 2010 was magical for Blanka Vlasic. 27-year old Croatian high jump athlete has been named world’s best female athlete by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). She won both European and World Indoor high jump gold and she was nominated for the Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year Award.

London 2012 Olympic Coins

London 2012 fever begins with new commemorative coins With the London Olympics during ever closer – the anticipation is slowly growing. To help keep the nations focus on the forthcoming London 2012 Olympics newly designed 50p coins commemorating the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics are now in circulation across England and Wales. Commissioned as part of a public competition held by the Royal Mint, the winning coins were chosen from approximately 30,000 entries.

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