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Five Little Known Facts About San Diego Chargers Great Dan Fouts

Dan Fouts is one of the all time great quarterbacks to ever play football in the National Football League. He combined with Don Coryell to create one of the most explosive offenses pro football had ever seen up to that point. Here is a look at five little known facts about this excellent football player.

Who Was The Favorite Receiver Of Dallas Cowboys Legend Roger Staubach?

Roger Staubach was a great NFL quarterback and played a huge role in the Dallas Cowboys becoming America’s Team. He made some great plays over the years, but who was his favorite receiver?

9 Tips for Running Backs

Ball security is important. It seems obvious yet why are there always fumbles. Tuck the ball in and squeeze it. Once you have the ball the number one priority is keeping it secure.

NFL Games Week One

The first weeks games provided some questionable, some scrary, some predicable and some disappointing moments. First let me start with a questionable moment.

Tom Brady Stays In New England

For all of you New England Pats fans, Brady is staying for four more years. Read on about the details of his contract!

10 Tips For Offensive Linemen

As an offensive linemen the three point stance is where you work. You do everything from your stance, so the stance vital for an offensive linemen. It is like Home base.

The Five Best Running Backs In San Diego Chargers History

The San Diego Chargers are a great team and have had a number of great players over the years. They have mainly been known as a passing team, but who have been the team’s best running backs during their history?

The Best Virginia Tech Football Out-Of-Conference and ACC Games on the Schedule

The Virginia Tech football team for 2010 has gotten off to a horrible start, with losses to two non-BCS conference teams. They first lost on Labor Day to Boise State in a thriller at FedEx Field in Landover, MD, and followed that up by laying an egg in their home opener against James Madison University (a Division I-AA or FCS school) at home. Obviously the Hokies were not all there in their second game especially given the short week. However there remain some great games on the schedule both in the conference and even outside the conference.

Little Known Facts About Hall Of Fame Football Players And The NFL Draft

It takes a great college football career for a football player career to end up being drafted highly in the NFL Draft. It takes a great pro football career to end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This article takes a look at players who have made it into the Hall of Fame and the circumstances surrounding their entry to the league through the NFL Draft.

Week 1 of NFL Monday Night Football Predictions – Ravens at Jets

While the Jets were busy flexing for the HBO cameras on Hard Knocks, the Ravens made offseason acquisitions that have the experts talking “Superbowl”. But with Darrelle Revis back on his island, Rex Ryan will love nothing more than to open the season with a win over his former team on Monday Night Football.

New York Giants 2010 Preview

The New York Giants are entering the 2010 season a bit under the radar, and they don’t mind the lack of attention at all. After winning the Super Bowl following the 2007 season, it’s been a bit of an up and down struggle for the club since. However, the team believes they are healthy and ready to go on both sides of the ball.

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