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Notre Dame University Football

This article talks about the history of Notre Dame. Also it goes over the season they have had and its accomplishments. And it goes over the national championship game.

Heisman Watch

This article goes over the three top candidates in the Heisman watch. It gives statistics for each player. Also it gives a little insight on the top two players.

Top 10 NFL Teams

This article tells my opinion on the top 10 teams in the NFL in order from 10 to 1. It also states new facts about each team. Also there is no bias shown in this article.

NFL Week 15 Opening Odds

The Atlanta Falcons are known for winning the NFC South that made them earn a spot for the postseason games and boast the best record of 11-2. However in Week 14, the Falcons lost for the second time this season against the Carolina Panthers with the score of 30-20. Having a 1-point favorite, the Falcons will host the game against the New York Giants in Week 15.

Know Your Football Cards’ Worth With Price Guides

All collectors, whether they are buying, selling, trading, or just collecting, would, at some point, want to know the worth of their cards. The good news is that you can rely on the price guides to know your cards’ worth. These list the “book values” of almost every card ever printed.

How To Preserve Your Valuable Football Card Collection

Gone are the days when collectors would stick their cards into the spokes of their bikes. But such a mistreatment of cards cannot be imagined today.

Expand Your Football Card Collection With The Right Choices

Thinking about beginning your own football cards collection, but don’t know what to buy? Here are some tips to help you make the most of your hobby.

When Will The Eagles Fire Andy Reid?

After 14 successful years at the helm of the Philadelphia Eagles, head coach Andy Reid is now under fire. Just months after the death of Garrett Reid, who died from a heroin overdose in early August.

Concussions In Football And Other Sports: Signs Of Progress But More Work Needs To Be Done

We know much more about concussions in sports than we did five or ten years ago. This article outlines seven important developments and explains why more research is still needed on the best ways to prevent head injuries.

Bet Now or Bet Later

Bowl betting is considered as a waiting game to outsmart the public or a race to beat the books. Here are some of the teams we suggest you to bet on.

Cam Newton – Some People Did Know Better

The sports culture has created people who feel they are above the law and too good for societies rules. They believe the rules do not apply to them. Is that actually the ugly truth that we don’t want to admit? We look at Carolina Panthers starting quarterback Cam Newton for the answer.

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