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2008 Jacksonville Jaguars Outlook

After an 11-5 finish to 2007, what do we have to look forward to in 2008? More of the same it looks like. The team is young and talented and did very well in the tough AFC conference. They definitely have turned a lot of heads in the last two years. 2008 looks to be another year of highlights and spotlights.

2008 Denver Broncos Outlook

After a 7-9 finish to 2007, how to the Broncos fair for 2008? The off season carried with it a slew of changes with some big names going out the door, most notably Gold and Walker. The good news is that Denver will be bringing in a healthy team to start 2008.

2008 Houston Texans Draft Report

The Houston Texans did some moving and shaking for this years draft with many trades for their picks. All in all, they ended up with some quality talent to fill some of their gaps.

2008 Tennessee Titans Draft Report

So the Tennessee Titans go 10-6 and barely clinch that last wild card spot in the AFC last year. With a conference as strong as the AFC, you need to make all the best acquisitions possible to remain competitive. The off season pick ups for the Tennessee Titans are impressive and may land them sitting a little more comfortable at the tail end of the season.

2008 Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Report

The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking to recapture their recent success with another class of talented players. Will the class of 2008 hold another eye-opening rookie? We will know soon enough.

2008 Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Report

The AFC South may be in for a bit of a rude awakening this year. After coming off an 11-5 season and ranked #5 in the NFL, they look to be definite contenders again. What is the reason behind their recent success? Player transactions.

2008 Indianapolis Colts Draft Report

The Indianapolis Colts are favored again this year. With consistent acquisitions year over year it is completely understandable how their success has been paved.

Dan Marino NFL’s Greatest All Time Quarterback

Dan Marino one of NFL’s greatest all time quarterbacks. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 15, 1961 Daniel Constantine Marino, Jr was born. Marino grew up in a blue collar neighborhood, with his parents and two sisters.

Hints For Wheelchair Users Planning a Trip to an NFL Football Game

Going to an NFL football game is exciting and adventurous when you are in a wheelchair. But, how do you do it? If you love football, there is nothing better than seeing your favorite team in their home stadium. Being in a wheelchair presents both obstacles and benefits.

2008 Miami Dolphins Outlook

The 2007 Miami Dolphins are coming off one of their worst seasons ever. The off season transactions and smart drafting should definitely put them in position to get a stronger foothold in the rebuilding process.

2008 Houston Texans Outlook

For a new team, the Houston Texans keep improving their scores year over year. In 2008 they look to continue this trend and prove to be an even more dominating force. Their off season moves should no doubt open some eyes around the league.

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