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How to Deal With Bad Parents on Your Youth Football Team

Just because some jerk cannot stand his life or job does not give him/her the right to disrespect you, you’re coaching staff or your youth football team. These parents are never satisfied. They are critical of everything, from the offense you run to the way you run a practice. You need to have a game plan in place for when one of these jerks try making trouble for you.

Bears at the Falcons

This game was televised on National TV, Sunday Night Football, for a reason; it was expected to be a very close hard fought battle. It did not disappoint. This game started as a defensive battle with zero points scored in the first quarter. The Falcons could not get anything going offensively. The Bears took their first drive of the game down the field and looked poised for a touchdown when Cutler threw an interception at the 12 yard line.

Trade Update

The Bears made a trade today, Friday the 16th, for defensive end Gains Adams from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bears had to give up their second round draft pick in the 2010 draft for Gains which now puts the Bears out of the first two rounds of the draft next year because their first round draft pick was included in the trade for Jay Cutler. Gains Adams is in his 3rd season with the NFL and was the 4th overall draft pick in the 2007 draft by the Buccaneers.

Eagles Need to Find More Offensive Consistency

Throughout the years, the Eagles have found a lot of success on offense by being able to spread the ball out get a number of different players involved. So far this year, I feel as though the Eagles are struggling to do this. Rather than a lot of different players getting the ball, it seems as though the offense is relying on one or two players to have big games.

What Do We Know About the Eagles at This Point?

About two weeks ago I wrote about how we really didn’t know what to expect from the Eagles the rest of the year. It seems like after Sunday’s loss to the Raiders it seems even harder to tell.

Top Six Reasons to Be a Bears Fan

There are many reasons why one might be a Bears fan. In this article I provide the top six reason why I became a Bears fan.

College Football – Alabama & Florida Barely Win, 12 Others Put on Muscle Shirts & Strut Their Stuff

There was only one real upset in college football’s 8th week of play as 12 of the 20 top-ranked teams put on their muscle shirts and showed what they have, a sure sign that teams have begun to stabilize for their last 4 games. Find out who was glad and who was sad this week.

LeSean McCoy – Rookie Mistakes

Brian Westbrook was one of the few positives for the Eagles on Sunday and we soon saw why he still needs to contribute. LeSean McCoy is not quite ready to make the leap to being a feature running back in the NFL.

How Football Stickers Contribute to Your Love For Football

Football, a team game played in North America with an oval ball on a field. According to this definition, there is nothing especially unique about football. So what makes it so great, why do we all love it so much? Is it that mentality of team? A large group of people all for one goal.

Subject – How to Handle the Clock

The play clock shall automatically default to 40 seconds and start immediately upon being re-set by the play clock operator when any official signals that the ball is dead after a play (the dead ball signal should be given). Anything else the 25 sec will be used.

The Trophy Nobody Wants

Did you hear the news? The Heisman trophy isn’t going to be handed out this year. It’s true. The committee met over the weekend and said to hell with it. No one wants it, so we’re keeping it in the closet.

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