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Going No-Huddle Like the Pros With Your Youth Football Team

Can you go without a huddle with kids that are just 8-9 years old? ABSOLUTELY! Here is a simple method I have used for the past six seasons, yes we have not huddled in the last six years.

The Whackiest Trick Play in Youth Football

If you haven’t seen the “flap jack” pass trick play, you are in for a treat.

The Secret to Beating Teams That Are More Athletic Than Your Team in Youth Football

Playing in Space is the key term. We aren’t talking about playing football on the moon, zero gravity would make us all have to rethink the game quite a bit. “In Space” means playing with distance between your players and the other team.

Coaching Youth Football – Lessons Learned from Other Sports

Baseball and basketball coaching lessons apply to a youth football coach? Absolutely.

Moving From Assistant to Head Coach in Youth Football

You want to coach your own team, but are stuck in an assistants role. How do you move up to head coach of a youth football team so you can call your own football plays?

20 Effective and Cheap Ways to Recruit Youth Football Players

20 Unique ways to recruit players for your youth football team or program. Unique, effective and at low or no cost, you can’t beat that.

Are You Running Too Many Or Too Few Plays in Your Youth Football Offense?

There is an optimum number of football plays for every team and every age group. Too many plays may mean your players are masters of nothing, too few and your team doesn’t have enough diversity.

Scoring 40 Points a Game in Youth Football

Youth football games do not have to be boring 12-6 affairs with parents watching the clock hoping for a quick end to the game. Your team can score 40 points a game with average talent with the right offense. My teams have scored like this over the last 6 seasons, winning over 97% of our games.

Did I Sleep Through The 2007 Season?

Can someone help me? Did I sleep through the 2007 season? Did I suddenly become Rip Van Winkle? How could I have missed out on the New England Patriots winning Super Bowl XLII? But wait. I just checked my calender and unless my eyes are playing tricks on me it’s only May 7 and the regular season is still four months away.

Is “Select” Youth Football Destroying America?

Is “Select” competitive youth football ruining this great game for kids? Are kids being burned out and quiting the game because of “hyper” competition? The answers are surprising and compelling.

Tired of Weak Offensive Line Play in Youth Football? 4 Quick Tips

The weakest link and most neglected area in youth football teams is the offensive line. Here are 4 simple ways to dramatically their play-

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