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Matt Ryan – The Start of a New Era?

After Michael Vick’s departure from the NFL, the Falcon’s future seemed to go downhill. The 07′ season was not at all promising. New coach Bobby Petrino deserted the franchise with only a few games left during the regular season. Petrino accepted an offer from Alabama and interim coach Emmitt Thomas took his place. After the dismal season they had the third overall pick in the upcoming draft. There was no debate as to who the Falcons were going to pick up.

Pittsburgh Steelers 2008 NFL Team – What to Watch Out For – Live Online – And Their Game Schedule

What’s exciting about this team especially when the fans watch the Pittsburgh Steelers 2008 NFL Team in their 76th Season? It is in here where their main goal is to surpass and let go of the 10-6 win-loss record last NFL 2007 Season. This is not a bad record, but for their fans, it’s not good because they all wanted the NFL Championships.

Miami Dolphins 2008 NFL Team – What to Watch Out Live Online and Their Game Schedule

The Miami Dolphins shook their heads off when the dismaying results of 1-15 record came about after the 2007 NFL Season. Two names are really missed by the Miami Dolphins fans; one is Marino when he was the quarterback plus Shula as the head coach. It been a hard time for them that is why this season there were changes that occurred.

Indianapolis Colts 2008 NFL Team – What to Watch Out Live Online and Their Schedule

The 2008 NFL Season will be the Indianapolis Colts’ 56th Season with the plan and goal to outdo their 13-3 win-loss record last 2007. The other goal this 2008 is for them to minimize their problem areas and most importantly win in the division level.

Baltimore Ravens 2008 NFL Team – What to Watch Out For Online Live and Their Game Schedule

Baltimore fared well in the past seasons, but in 2007, they only had a 5-11 record. One of the major reason for this might be their schedule, since they had the hardest one.

Cleveland Browns 2008 NFL Team – What to Watch Out Live Online and Their Game Schedule

his 2008 NFL Season, Cleveland Browns will still be under the leadership of Romeo Crennel. His contract as coach was extended for the team still trusts his skills and abilities to improve and bring out the best with the team.

Cincinnati Bengals 2008 NFL Team – What to Watch Out For Live Online and Their Game Schedule

The Cincinnati Bengals have won several division championships but they are still on their way in bagging their very 1st NFL Title. In 2007, they ended with a very miserable 7-9 win-loss record. With this kind of record last 2007 season, it might be difficult for them to achieve their long time dream.

New York Jets 2008 NFL Team – What to Watch Out For Live Online and Their Schedule

The 2007 season was one of New York Jets’ worst seasons because they had a win loss record of 4-12. The New York Jets will not change their coach because they are still satisfied with Eric Mangini, who was the youngest NFL coach.

New England Patriots 2008 NFL Team – What to Watch Live Online and Their Games Schedule

The 2007 NFL season went great for the New England Patriots because they are the AFC champions. It’s very interesting to note here that the New England Patriots are only one win away from ending the season with flawless wins. Not until the time where the New England Patriots was defeated by another strong team last 2007 season, the New York Giants.

Books About Football – Gulp – Do I Really Have to Learn All That?

Is it necessary to master a 400-page book about football just to understand enough about the game to enjoy Sunday Night Football with your beloved? Or is there perhaps an easier way?

Top 5 Big Twelve Teams For 2008

The Big 12 has always lived in the shadow of the other conferences when it came to being the best in college football. They are ready to prove the everyone wrong in 2008 as the top these top 5 Big 12 schools have re-loaded and have their eye on the championship game.

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