Former NBA Champ on Why The Grizzlies Are The Best Team in the NBA Right Now | CBS Sports HQ

Fantasy Football – Draft or Auction?

Fantasy football leagues have traditional used a draft system for player selection, but auction style drafting is gaining in popularity. And rightly so. There is something unfair about a system that does not allow every owner an equal chance of signing each player, and if you find yourself low.

NFL Pre-Season Football Handicapping Tips – Part 4

So far in our NFL Pre-season Football Handicapping Tips series, we’ve covered COACHING, MOTIVATION, and QB ROTATIONS. Next on our list is a team’s exhibition GAMEPLAN. NFLX handicapping is completely different than analyzing how teams might play during the regular season and certainly the playoffs.

Youth Football 2008 – Our Second Practice of the Year

Coaching youth football? What are you doing for your second practice of the year?

The Brett Favre Saga Heads to the New York Jets

The New York Jets have been somewhat overhauled as a team recently and this could provide a decent scenario for Brett Favre to fill a position within the team. The Brett Favre Saga is one of the great sports stories of the new century so far and his legacy spans a good twenty years already when one counts his collegiate and professional career as the ultimate quarterback number four.

Oh, Sure Women Can Learn About Football – But Can They Actually Learn to Love It?

Can women learn to love football? Well, of course not, silly. At least, not any more than men can learn to love ballet.

Football Facts – 5 Interesting Facts About Football

It is generally accepted that the first officially organised league competition in the world was the (English) Football League formed in 1888. Then, it consisted of 12 clubs all of whom were based in the North and the Midlands of England. The very first winners of the Football League Championship were Preston North End.

NFLX Free Pro Football Picks August 9 2008

“America’s Team” will be on road Saturday night when they face the Chargers in the preseason opener for both teams. Dallas will be taking the field following a headline-grabbing offseason.

Brett Favre History

When Brett started playing quarterback for Green Bay Packers of NFL in 1992, his football career soared higher and created distinctive waves in American sports scene. Prior to his getting drafted as part of Green Bay, he had his stint with the Atlanta Falcons in 1991.

Youth Football – Are All Cat Skinning Methods Created Equal?

Are all football coaching methods created equal? Do they all end up with the same result? Are there many ways to “skin a cat” and get the very same results?

Youth Football – Your Third Practice of 2008

This is an abbreviated summary of our Thursday football practice. We gave the kids Wednesday off and then had our first padded football practice on Thursday. As usual we had the expected equipment issues, making sure everyone had everything on correctly, snaps snapped, hooks holed, belts tightened etc.

Youth Football, Our First Practice of 2008

This Monday was our first football practice of our young season. The temps were in the high 90s and the humidity was over 80, so it was pretty miserable. As many of you know, I am head coaching 3 teams this year an age 7-9 team, an age 10-11 team and an age 12-13 team. My preference is to coach just 1 team but there was a petition, pressure etc, so I caved. But I did put my foot down and have a transition/training plan in place so I can get back to just 1 team next year.

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