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Youth Football Training For Speed

When considering implementing a speed training program for you child or your youth football team you must take several things into consideration. The over riding factor you need to consider is safety. Not just from a sprain or strain but also from a long term injury that may not show up in the short term. Remember kids are growing and you don’t want to cause an injury that would affect you player long term.

Adam “Pacman” Jones – Just Doing His Thing

So I had this great idea for an office pool, but it went up in smoke this week. The idea was to bet on the month that Adam Jones went back to being his old, lovable Pacman self. Personally, I would have bet on November or December.

College Football – Washington’s Huskies Don’t Need a Bye Week, They Really Need a Bye Season

There are a lot of loyal Husky fans who are sleepless in Seattle because their team is winless in Seattle. They are simply antsy about taking another hit for the cause because Washington has become arguably the worst team in the nation. The once proud, winning tradition built by the immortal Don James has become so unraveled by other hands that it may never be put back together again.

Pro Football – Seattle’s Only Hope For Sports Success is Now Hiding in a Dumper Somewhere

First the basketball Supersonics were ripped out of Seattle and taken to Oklahoma City. Then the baseball Mariners became the first MLB team to lose 100+ games with a $100 million payroll. Then the football Huskies made Washington the worst college team in the nation by going 0-5 to open their season. Now the football Seahawks have opened their season at 1-3 with a defense so porous homemakers all over Seattle could use it as a strainer to pass liquids.

College Football – Best Spartan Stop in 8+ Years Propels Michigan State Past Iowa, 16-13

Adam Decker’s decisive tackle of bruising tailback Shonn Greene on a 4th-and-1 from the Spartan 21-yard gave Michigan State its 5th straight victory, a 16-13 win over Iowa, and ultimately pushed the Spartans into the AP Top 25 Poll with a 5-1 record. Decker’s stop may be the most important defensive stop at Michigan State in 8+ years. Learn why.

Youth Football Practice – How to Keep it Interesting in the Last Third of the Season

How do you keep youth football teams and players on track in the last third of the season? Some simple tips to keep the kids interested.

Youth Football Coach Pushes Opposing Player?

Many times a youth football game won’t go the way you want or expect it to go. Sometimes you can even have the officiating apparently go against you. No one, not you or the officials are ever going to call a perfect game.

What Makes a Successful Quarterback?

Is it height, weight, athleticism? Does a strong arm make the difference, knowledge of the team’s offense, practicing the fundamentals? Perhaps it’s the offensive line, or the running backs and receivers.

NFC Better Than the AFC in 2008

Why the NFC is greater than the AFC during the 2008 football season. The AFC is now playing second fiddle to the NFC and these are the reasons why.

Sport Cards Values Increase With Season’s Kickoff! Are You Ready For Some Football?

Sports card values are driven by the old “what have you done for me lately!”…Try selling a Chicago Cubs baseball card now, you get the picture. I was enjoying success selling Chicago Cubs memorabilia and cards when they were the team with the best record in the National league, now ouch!

Tips on Developing Your Adult Flag Football Playbook

You now have a basic starting point for your adult flag football playbook. Some teams may be more advanced but if your team understands the game you may find your playbook growing very quickly. Make sure your team uses some of the many internet and text resources that are out there.

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