Former MLB GM on First Major Negotiations Since MLB Lockout Began | CBS Sports HQ

Teams Not What We Expected in the NFL

Why you might have to change which NFL teams that you bet on during the 2008 football season. There are many reasons why you may want to switch your betting options and some of them are listed here.

How Would You Like to Own a Football Team?

The main concept is that you and other members in the community will pay a fee, and for that you get to make decisions about the team. Before every match, the members of the community you belong to have a say in team selection. They can back the coaching staff’s judgement, or choose to pick the team and formation themselves.

What Makes the Missouri Tigers Offense So Good?

Why the Missouri Tigers football team is so good. They make first downs everytime they get the football, not having had a 3 and out any time this season.

Performance-Enhancing Glove

Football is a game a grit and resilience; a game where the will and power to push forward an extra yard can make all the difference. That’s why a device invented by two Stanford biologists has garnered the attention of the National Football League.

College Football – AP’s Top 25 Welcomes North Carolina, Michigan State, Pittsburgh and Ball State

College Football’s 6th week saw the AP pollsters kick Wisconsin, Fresno State, Oregon and Connecticut out of its Top 25 list and welcome in North Carolina (4-1) at 22, Michigan State (5-1-) at 23, Pittsburgh (4-1) at 24 and unbeaten Ball State (6-0) at 25. Read the full story.

Reasons Why The Redskins Will Win the NFC East

I will list the reasons why I believe the Washington Redskins are better than the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys. And why they will win the NFC East this year.

How to Watch a Football Game – A Guide For Women

What’s a woman to do? You’d like to share the football experience with your beloved. But how can you learn a game that looks so complicated? All we can say is: looks can be deceiving!

Football in the Down Under – Australian Football

They began organization of the sport in 1858, and the official Australian football rules of the game were set in 1859 by the Melbourne Football Club. However some form or another of football dates back to 1956.

Tailgating – The Last American Neighborhood

American football is as good as it gets, competition, sacrifice, athletics, and rivalry are some of the feelings that you get as you immerse yourself in this sport. Many people, especially among season ticket holders, have long traditions that can date 20 years. One of the strongest traditions that still lives on today is Tailgating.

Football Vs Soccer – How They Are Related, and How They Are Not

Two of the most beloved sports Football and Soccer have much in common. Lately, many are wondering why there is such an international pull for soccer while football remains an American sport.

Quarterback Skills – Some Things That You Should Know

The quarterback is the leader of the offensive field. As they control the motions and intensity on the field they are able to make daring plays, and last minute touchdowns. This position is by far the most talked about, most revered, and most sought after.

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