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Women and the NFL

Women and the NFL have joined forced to make a great partnership. In the past women have not been considered fans of football because of the violence of the game and because they were never taught the rules of the sport. Well guys, times have changed…

Detroit Lions – Quarterback or Bust!

Even though the Detroit Lions have hired the best coaches, the best offensive coordinator, and the BEST everything else we are STILL not going to rise to the top without a hall-of-fame caliber quarterback.

Evaluating Speed In Youth Football

How to evaluate speed quickly when coaching youth football. Timed sprints are not the way to go.

Blowouts in Youth Football

Rubbing it in the Youth Football Way Unfortunately youth football seems to bring out the best and the worst in some people. There are incredible coaches doing great things through their programs that are positively and permanently impacting kids. On the other hand are a handful of other youth football coaches that use their youth football programs to feed obviously shallow and unfulfilled lives. When you find yourself up by 3 scores here are some great ways to salvage the game:

Cross Blocking In Youth Football

Using the Cross Block in Youth Football. Many youth offenses use the cross block on some football plays. It is a method where the offensive linemen blocks the player over their cross blocking partner, they in essence exchange blocking targets. It is used to give the defensive linemen a different look and movement to deal with while often giving your offensive linemen excellent blocking angles and leverage. It is used almost exclusively at the point of attack to open a hole between the two cross blocking linemen.

Zone Blocking For Youth Football Teams

If you want to score lots of points and have a fun and successful season do not use “zone” blocking for your youth football team. I had an age 8-10 coach with very little experience tell me this week he got talked into “zone” blocking by a local youth football “expert.” Most coaches have no idea what zone blocking is. They hear that many pro and college teams are using it and then mistakenly think that if the pros and college kids are using it, it must be great and they should be using it at the youth level. The Zone blocking system may be great at the college or pro level, but youth football players are not College or Pro football players and never will be, zone blocking fails miserably at the youth level.

How to Get 400% More Reps Out of Your Youth Football Practice Time

You can Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Offensive Reps When Coaching Youth Football One of the keys to coaching youth football successfully is to be extremely efficient with your football practice time. Since my teams always practice less than our competition, this is doubly important for us. There are a few simple tricks to getting significantly more team offensive reps when practicing your football plays on air or even during fit-and-freeze reps.

Why Youth Football Players Quit and How to Avoid it

Getting Youth Football Players to Quit Is this the goal of some youth football coaches? Sometimes I wonder. A great way to get youth football players to quit is to put them in a scheme that they have no chance of executing well.

How to Choose the Right Team Mom in Youth Football

Team Moms in Youth Football – Team moms perform a very important task in youth football teams and should be chosen very carefully. The reason most youth football coaches only coach a year or two is because the time commitment and the parent communication part just take too much out of them. The team mom can be a great resource to unburden the youth football coach of many of these undesirable duties. For my organization a good team mom is a very important coach and player retention tool.

Practice Does Not Make Perfect in Youth Football, More Effective Practice Methods

Holding Youth Football Players Accountable If you want to have a fun and successful season coaching youth football, you have to hold your players to reasonable standards. Youth football players should be held accountable to standards that they can 100% control and are important to their safety and success. You canโ€™t hold a player accountable to activities that require significant athletic prowess like catching a pass or running a 20 yard dash in 3 seconds or less, but they can and should be held accountable to things they can control.

Don Shula- How Much Do You Know About Miami’s Main Man?

If there is one person who is Mr. Miami, it’s Don Shula. The coach of the Dolphins for practically ever, Don Shula, even in retirement, is one of the most recognizable faces in sports. As a leader, he knew how to win, he knew how to carry himself, and he knew how to keep his players disciplined. But, what do you know about him? Take our quiz to find out if you make Don Shula proud or if you come across as a dead fish.

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