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The Day Randy Moss And Tom Brady Teamed Up To Destroy The Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are a great team with a interesting and impressive history. But on one day in 2007, the team was utterly destroyed by the quarterback and wide receiver of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady and Randy Moss.

Six Interesting Facts About Tight Ends And The NFL Draft

Tight end is a unique football position in that the players who play it have to know a great deal about the offense. They may be run blocking, pass blocking, or going out for a pass on any given play. Here is a look at some interesting info regarding the players who have been drafted as tight ends in the NFL.

Four Different Baltimore Pro Football Teams Have Won Championships

Baltimore is a great football town and has had a long history of successful football teams. Most people don’t realize it, but four major professional football teams have called Baltimore home and also won the championship of their league. Here is a look at those four teams.

The Great Players In The Minnesota Vikings Ring Of Honor

The Minnesota Vikings have had some great players over the years. Like many teams, they have a Ring of Honor to pay tribute to the best of the best. Who is in Minnesota’s Ring of Honor and what year and order did they go in? Check out all that and more right here.

College Football Picks

Online Sportsbook – is issuing a College Football Week 5 Odds for this Friday night, the intrastate battle between BYU vs. Utah State. The betting odds for this game BYU -4 and the odds for the Utah State are +4, with a total over/under 51 1/2.

Speed Ladder Drills: Here’s What You Need To Know

It’s a proven fact that players in any sport will benefit by speed ladder drills. Regardless of whether they participate in endurance sports such as track and field, or team sports such as football, basketball and soccer, speed ladder drills will help them outshine their competition. The exercises are created to improve speed, endurance and coordination in a compact, easy to implement manner.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Football Field Equipment

In order to better understand the game of American football, it’s essential to recognize the essential role that is played by football field equipment. Perhaps more than any other, this activity that has grown to become our national pastime has a number of distinctive and varied equipment.

Why College Football Is The Best Spectator Sport

A brief look at why college football is unbeatable with regards to American sports. The overall experience of going to a game is unrivaled.

The 4 Absolutely Essential Football Training Aids

Football training aids have become a vital ingredient in a teams work out system. All individuals, regardless of whether they’re coaches or players realize the value of football training aids in boosting team and individual performance. There’s quite a variety of items in this category, and some could be more valuable to your team than others.

Speed And Agility Training: Here’s What You Need To Know and Why It’s Important

Any and all sports athletes can benefit from superior speed and agility training. Whether the individual is running track, or playing a team sport like football or soccer, each of them will perform far better, and provide themselves a better chance to beat their competitors, by implementing a speed and agility training program.

The Vick-Kolb Situation Puts Philadelphia In A Tough Spot

The Eagles current quarterback conundrum is far from a “beautiful situation.” What caused Reid’s change of heart? Here are three possible explanations.

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