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Who Wants to Play Quarterback? Not It!

The “starting Quarterback” position for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has to be the worst job in the entire state of Florida. Or it least it has been since the days of Doug Williams. Especially this year, with head coach Raheem Morris’s decisions or indecisions for that matter, it’s become beyond laughable.

College Football – The Train Has Left the Station, and Michigan State Missed the Departure

When the train was ready to pull out of the station this year at East Lansing, the Michigan State University Spartans had a chance to enjoy every stop on their way to an unbeaten season. The Spartans had two of their three biggest hurdles-Michigan and Iowa-at home, and did not even have to face Ohio State. Instead of a glory ride this year, the Spartans are 4-5. Find out what happened.

A Few Tips and Tricks to Find Inexpensive NFL Jerseys

Everyone loves to purchase a cheap NFL jersey. An average football fan cannot afford to buy a genuine NFL jersey as it is very expensive. The companies who manufacture these authentic jerseys use high quality fabric and make many changes in their graphics and designs so as to attract numerous sports lovers to buy it. But it becomes difficult for an average sports fan to purchase it. Hence, cheap NFL jerseys are introduced in the market to solve the problem of an average football fan. These cheap ones are made of low quality fabric that last hardly for a few months. Therefore, you have not only wasted your time and effort in the purchase of these cheap ones but you have also taken the wrong decision of investing money by buying such cheap sports apparel.

Irish Soccer Team – 1994-2002

Mick McCarthy was appointed manager of Ireland after Charlton narrowly missed out on guiding Ireland to the Euro 96 Finals in England. On an emotional night which would be Charlton’s final game in charge, the Irish succumbed to a two nil defeat at the hands of the Dutch in a playoff. The team was now in transition, an ageing team had to make way for youth, and a long ball game had to make way for the now worldwide pass and move philosophy.

NFL Tickets News

Searching for NFL Tickets plus news that is associated with your favorite team. Why updates really matter. Can you decide how to follow your team? The internet or television.

Bears Season Tickets Are Available Through an Online Ticket Broker

If you are looking for sports tickets in Chicago, one of the easiest and best ways to find the tickets you want is online at a ticket broker’s website. Football season is upon us, and you will want to catch all of the great plays in person by picking up some Chicago Bears season tickets through an online ticket broker.

Understand the Relationship Between Man and Football

I want to try and explain why men are so passionate about watching football. I was trying to explain it to my wife and I think I figured it out!

Fathers and Sons at Penn State

The father son relationship is often a strong one. The son looks to the father as the prime example as how to live his life. The father is honored by the son’s devotion and takes more pride in his son’s accomplishments than his own.

Going to a New York Giants Football Game – An Enjoyable Experience

Seeing sporting events live is always a fun thing to do. Whatever sport it is, there’s always something exciting going on at some point or another. But watching a professional football game in person, especially one at Giants Stadium with the New York Giants, stands out as one of the better options.

College Football Week 9 – Oregon, Texas & Iowa Notch Critical Wins in National Title Chase

Oregon, Texas and Iowa won huge, critical victories to remain in contention for the National Championship Game during college football’s 9th week of play. None of the three victories was more impressive or substantial than 10th-ranked Oregon’s convincing, ultimately dominating 47-20 upset win at home over 4th-ranked Southern California. Learn why it mattered so much.

High School Football Officials – Never Stop Learning

New officials often ask for advice and I always tell them: Never stop learning from every experience. I believe that almost ALL games can be used as potential learning experiences.

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