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Tampa Bay Buccaneer Legends – Alstott, Sapp Hall of Fame Worthy?

Two of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers All-Time Greats retired this off-season, but are these local legends Hall of Fame bound? Mike Alstott re-defined the way you play Fullback. Warren Sapp was the poster child of a Historically great Defense. Let the debate begin.

2008 Detroit Lions Draft Report

What happened to the 10 wins we were promised during the pre-season last year? Well, the Lions tried to make all the right moves to get double digit wins in 2008. Let’s see if they can pull it off.

2008 Chicago Bears Draft Report

Check out all the moves made by the Chicago Bears during the off season. They are trying hard to grab yet another playoff birth or even better another Super Bowl appearance.

2008 Philadelphia Eagles Draft Report

After an 8-8 showing in 2007, fans are wondering what holes need to be filled. The 2008 draft brought in some amazing talent to the Eagles on both sides of the ball.

2008 New York Giants Draft Report

Everyone wonders what kind of talent stays around after Super Bowl wins. Even more so, everyone watches their draft closely to see where they consider their weaknesses to be. Read more to identify the holes in the G-mens game.

Football Special Teams Training – How to Bust the Wedge

Special teams can make the difference in who goes home with the win and who suffers the loss. Simply put the receiving teams job is to advance the kick off return as far down the field as possible. With a couple of key blocks, put the ball in the end zone.

The Invention of the Modern Football

The football has been around for centuries; it dates back to prehistoric times. Prior to the 19th century, footballs were nothing more than animal bladders, usually pigs’. Though they were covered with leather to make them last longer, they were, most of the time, irregular. In 1836, however, Charles Goodyear patented vulcanized rubber. This was the first step in modern football.

The Spread Offense – Running Game

The foundation of the spread’s running game is the zone read. As the back crosses over the quarterback’s eyes are on the backside end. If the end closes the quarterback will pull the ball and run out the back door. If the end stays disciplined or slow plays then it is an automatic give. In this article I will focus on the responsibilities of the quarterback and runners and I will talk about line play in a later article.

Kevin Jones Should Still Be a Detroit Lion

Kevin Jones should still be with the Detroit Lions. He is still the best runningback on their squad and better then 2/3 of the backs in the NFL. He is ready to go from his knee injury and will be in high demand here as training camps start in July.

Youth Football – The First Week of Practice – What Do You DO?

So you are coaching youth football and your first week of practice is coming up. Do you spend your time all on conditioning? NO!

PassBack Football – Product Review

Why is the PassBack Football the focus of this product review? Because it is football training equipment that is designed as a quarterback training aid helping quarterbacks improve their passing skills. Receivers and defensive backs can use this football training aid to develop better catching skills, in simple words, the PassBack football works.

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