Football Respect & Emotional Moments 2021

London 2012 Summer Olympics – Taekwondo

It is time to know about the game which is played by almost 60 million people across the globe. Taekwondo, a form of Korean Martial Art, is bound to sweep you off your feet.

London 2012 Summer Olympics – Tennis

History will be repeated this year at the London 2012 Summer Olympics as Wimbledon will play host to the Tennis Tournament. The top players of the world like Rafael Nadal and Leander Paes will fight it out in the beautiful grass courts of Wimbledon.

Can Usain Bolt Be Beaten?

Usain Bolt has been beaten less than a month before the Olympics begin. What does this mean for his chances at London 2012?

London Dreams

The Olympic Games 2012 are just a month away now. London is ready to welcome the world to be a part of the most awaited sporting spectacle on planet Earth. Every four years, the world is treated to the performances of the best athletes from across the globe.

Allyson Felix: Track to Olympics and End of the 23 Year-Old Olympic Trials Record of Florence Joyner

On June 30th 2012 in Eugene at the USA Olympic Trials in Oregon, her national victory in the 200m proved that she is on track to bag the gold in the event at the Olympic Games to be held in London during July and August of 2012. On June 30th, in the 200m national Olympic Trials finals, Allyson Felix (21.69) beat her highly competent and heavily decorated veteran team-mates Carmelita Jeter (22.11) and Sanya Richards-Ross (22.22) who had already qualified for London in other sprint events, by a significant margin.

The 2012 London Olympic Games: How The Olympics Touch Us All

What do the Olympics mean to you? Are they one of the greatest events in the world; or do they disrupt your usual television schedule? Are they tainted with bias, scandal and corruption; or do they showcase the talents of outstanding young athletes…

London 2012 Olympics: An Olympic Revolution in Colombia, A Phenomenal Role Model

Colombia has gained praise for its Olympic revolution. Although suffering a brutal civil conflict since the 1960s, the South American republic is producing top athletes in the 21st Century. Because of its troubles, Colombia should be one of the lowest-ranked Olympic teams in the Third World, but there are other results. In practice, incredibly, the conflict has not been an impediment to produce Pan American champs and Olympic medalists. Probably, there is no other Olympic squad on the Planet who would be fighting with big passion and dedication. Other notable chapter in the modern history of Colombia, of course.

Is Hosting the Olympic Games Justification for Introducing Permanent Draconian Surveillance?

It seems the last few Olympic Games both the Summer in Utah and the Winter in Vancouver had excellent police protection and security, but wasn’t it overdone? The reason I ask is that while I didn’t attend either that time around, I did have friends that went. They told me the security was very tight almost like an airport, the entire city. Well, that’s unfortunate for all the small businesses hoping to have some extra customers come to town.

Forklift Drag Racing – The New Olympic Sport?

With preparations for the 2012 Olympics Games in London in full swing, athletes across the world are taking over television commercials, billboards and apparel. In light of the Games, forklift drivers host their own Games: Forklift Drag Racing and The Forklift Rally.

John Akii-Bua: The Olympics Timeline

After four decades Akii-Bua still owns the 47.82 Uganda record; and this is still one of the best times by an African hurdler. Akii-Bua remains Africa’s only Olympic gold medal winning hurdler; the only African with an Olympic gold in a track event that is less than 800m.

London 2012 Olympics: Taiwan – Report An Olympic Land: 1960-2012

By the beggining of the 1960s, Taiwan produced a great champion in a time when the island –shapped like a tobacco leaf-was just one of the poverty-stricken countries on the Planet (with per capita GDP equal to most of Africa’s black republics) and also among Asia’s most unstable nations. His name: Yang Chuan-kwang. By 1963, he was focus of the attention of the world press: he was one of the first individuals from Asia to establish a world record with 8,089 points in the men’s decathlon, breaking the stereotypes of what makes a great decathlete. Throughout most of his athletic career, he set several international records, but he reached his peak as Chinese-Taipei’s decathlon champion when, on September 6, 1960, he won his nation’s first Olympian medal, after an epic showdown with America’s Rafer Johnson.

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