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London’s Olympic Preparation

The city of London, England, is the first city ever to be chosen for the third time as an Olympic venue. The “Square Mile” city is already deep into preparations for the event, and paying attention to lessons learnt by Athens and other recent host cities.

Electrical Supplies Required For the London Olympics

The London Olympics get closer every second. What seemed like an eternity away in the memorable summer of 2005, when the British capital won the right to host it, is now just 2 and a bit years away. In this article we’ll look at what kind of electrical supplies will be required in order to make the Olympic infrastructure work smoothly.

Sadness Marks the Olympic Start

The Olympic winter games provide a lot of excitement and sets the stage for the brilliant performance of hundreds of talented athletes. It is also showcases events where there is a high risk factor.

Alpine Ski Races – What to Look For in the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are almost upon us and Lindsey Vonn and the rest of US Ski Team are prepped for some gold medal runs in Vancouver. But if you’re anything like me, your only worry, as you stare over the tips of your rented skis at what could very well be the edge of the earth, is how in the world to arrive safely, limbs attached, at the bottom of the hill.

For One Brief Shining Moment

The Olympic Winter Games will begin tonight in Vancouver, British Columbia and the eyes of millions will be upon the events that transpire there. While there is a large number of individuals who say “humbug” to these games, I believe that a great many more who welcome the opportunity to witness and applaud greatness.

The Sport of Ski Jumping Aims High

Ski Jumping will be one of the first Olympic events to take place at the Vancouver winter games beginning February 13. It is a sport that requires a tremendous amount of physical strength, stamina and control.

Yikes! 2010 Olympics Lack of Snow Problem on Cypress Mountain

There are bare patches on Cypress Mountain where some 2010 Winter Olympic events are supposed to take place. No one seems to be talking about it. Conditions are too warm. Are they gonna be snowboarding on hay!

2010 Winter Olympics and the Athletes’ Foot Health

The Winter Olympics starts this week. The many events are challenging because of climate and different footwear. After overcoming the cold, there is an incredible amount of stress that occurs on the feet in sports such as figure skating, skiing, ski jumping which can cause injury.

The 2010, XXI, Winter Olympics

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The 2010, XXI, Winter Olympic games are here. The last time Canada hosted a Winter Olympics was back in 1988 in Calgary. Ironically, the Calgary Flames were the Stanley Cup Champions for the 1988 season.

Winter Olympics Only Days Away

Now that SuperBowl 44 is history, the hype and enthusiasm of the sports world turns its attention to the Olympic winter games which will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia starting this Friday. All eyes will be on these incredible athletes as they give their all to try to bring home the gold.

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