Football Moments That No One Expected!

Super Bowl Prediction – 2011/2012 NFL Season

As you will recall, during last year’s preseason I picked the Green Bay Packers to win it all. It looked a little dicey in October and November, but Aaron Rogers, Clay Mathews and the guys came through when it mattered. Now that the lockout of 2011 is over, it is time to make predictions.

A Short History of Old Trafford Football Stadium

Old Trafford is like a symbol not only of the Manchester United but also football in general. Every season thousands of fans travel to see their favorite team playing there.

Premier League News: Patrick Vieira Ends a Glorious Career

Patrick Vieira has this week announced the end of his great career. The French player has won many trophies in his career since 1996 and also reached the top with the national team.

A Great Guide to Collecting Retro Football Memorabilia

Many young individuals the world over are dreaming of being able to play professional football. Athletes of the likes of David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are worshiped likes gods. You can see their pictures adorning the bedrooms of many teenage boys and girls.The new season starting only renews interest in retro football gear and all all football memorabilia.

Protect Yourself From Harm: Choosing The Right Football Helmet

Since football is one of the most famous contact sports all over the world, many people are dying to try this sport out. However, it is not safe to play this game without any of the necessary basic equipments. Doing this may lead to accidents, broken bones, and concussions. We are all aware of how dangerous this sport can get so if you would like to try this out, equip yourself with the much needed safety gears that are solely designed for this game. One of these is the Helmets football. Football is a game which requires forceful contact between players and this is why you have to protect your head from any possible accidents and this is what football helmets doe.

Dan Marino Miami Dolphins Biography, Career Highlights, Timeline

Dan Marino was the Hall of Fame quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. Read interesting facts, career highlights, and timeline biography about the Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino.

What A Youth Football Player Should Expect From His Coaches

What are the top 10 things should a youth football player expect from his coaches? If you aren’t doing these things, forget about your kids respecting you or working hard for you.

Champions League Final: Did Only One Football Team Play On The Night?

Match day: May 28th was keenly awaited by football fans the world over as possibly the biggest match of the decade if not the century. Two teams who had just won their domestic league tournaments, were pitted against each other. Bars were crowded, giant screens adorned many a vantage points across Spain and England and possibly in every football crazy country.

John Elway Biography and Interesting Facts

John Elway was one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Read interesting facts, and timeline biography about Elway’s NFL career.

Without Vick Will the Eagles Season Remain Flightless?

It looks highly likely that as soon as the lockout is lifted, (if it is lifted) a move might be imminent for the Eagles Kevin Kolb in the free agency market. Kolb has already made it clear he wants to be a starter in the NFL and judging by Vick’s phenomenal season in 2010 it doesn’t seem likely he will feature in the Eagles plans any time soon. Kolb has already been linked with many teams in desperate need of a QB, the latest being the Cleveland Browns.

Akers Over the Hill, Henery on the Horizon?

With the Eagles drafting a new kicker this year it could mean that David Akers’s fruitful spell with the Eagles could be over. Over Akers’s tenure spanning 12 seasons he has proved to be the surprise package for the team, scoring clutch field goals when depended upon and becoming one of the most consistent kickers in the league. Akers’s best statistical year came in his 4th year with the team when he successfully kicked a impressive 30 of 34 field goals, a percentage of 88.

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