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The First Winter Olympic Games

The XXII Olympic Winter Games (or 22nd Winter Olympics), takes place during February 2014 in the Russian city of Sochi. However, 90 years beforehand, the first ever Winter Olympics was staged in the alpine region of Chamonix, France in the shadow of the towering Mont Blanc.

Shaun White History – Part I

Shaun Roger White was born September 3, 1986 and is America’s favorite professional snowboarder and skateboarder. Shaun is also a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and holds records in Gold Medals and overall medal count for the X Games. He’s also won 10 ESPY Awards (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award).

Winter Olympic History – Part I

I’m going to give you a little Winter Olympic History of my experiences as a child watching the Winter Olympic Games with my family. I’ll also give you some information about what winter was like for my family. This will be interspersed with facts I’ve gleaned from Wikipedia. Both the Summer and Winter Olympics were an integral part of my growing up. We watched all sports and especially the Olympics.

Olympic Speed Skater Eddy Alvarez

Olympic Speed Skater Eddy Alvarez is trying to win a place in his first Winter Olympics in short track speed skating. He has a grueling speed skating training schedule that is eight hours a day, six days a week. Speed skaters go forty miles an hour around a rink. All speed skaters lift weights, run and cycle. They skate on two razor-sharp blades. His nickname is Eddy the Jet and he’s only 23 years old. He roller skated as a kid in Miami and transitioned to speed skating as a child. He started speed skating when he was seven years old. He has won National and World Cup medals in speed skating. Two years ago he had a devastating knee injury that nearly derailed him.

Boycotting Winter Olympics in Russia – A Very Bad Idea for the US

If I hadn’t been born, my mother would’ve been an Olympic swimmer, she did qualify for the Olympics, the US Swim Team that year. I remember when I was younger – my mother was fit to be tied when she heard something on the TV. Jimmy Carter had decided to boycott the Olympics. Why you ask? Apparently because there were some international disputes and this was a way of showing the world what we thought, and attempting to take the moral high ground.

Britain’s First Olympic Champion

Launceston Elliot was a versatile athlete who took part in no less than five events at the inaugural modern Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896, becoming Britain’s first Olympic champion. He had a magnificent physique and was described as: ‘the most handsome man of his generation.’ His father, Gilbert Elliot, was a magistrate related to the Earls of Minto, who were known for their distinguished service in India, and Launceston was born in India on 9 June 1874.

Indian Sports and Its Association With Olympic Games

Sports in India have always got second preference when it came to careers. In spite of that there are a great many enthusiasts that they have made a place for themselves in the sports field.

How To Be A Good Coach For Your Child: Five Simple Tips For Parents, Athletes And Coaches

Want your child to perform his or her best? Is your choking under the pressure of competition? What do you need to change to help your child reach her or potential? This article gives you five tips that can change the way your kid competes in a wide variety of sports.

Sports Psychology And Mental Toughness Tips For Gymnasts, Figure Skaters And Cheeleaders

Gymnastics, figure skating and cheerleading present some special challenges for athletes, coaches and parents of athletes. This article outlines seven important challenges which competitors must manage effectively in order to succeed in these sports.

Fitness Tech and Training Q and A w/ Team USA Strength and Conditioning Coach Rob Schwartz

Team USA Strength and Conditioning Coach Rob Schwartz provides insight into how the United States Olympic Team trains and the fitness technologies they utilize. Rob focuses on combat sports including, gymnastics, boxing, tae kwon do, judo, fencing, wrestling. diving and is the current trainer for a world champion boxer.

5 Things You Never Knew About Famous Olympic Athlete Lord Sebastian Coe!

5 little known facts about Lord Sebastian Coe, with a sprinkling of some more well known information. A look at where his future may lie.

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