First Medals at Tokyo 2020! 🥇🥈🥉

Road To The 2013 NFL Draft: Georgia 51 – Tennessee 44

The scouting process for the draft runs primarily from September through mid- April. The athletic testing portion of the evaluation process takes center stage starting in February. However, how NFL draft prospects perform in actual football games is what matters most.

Will the Russell Wilson Experiment Cause Pete Carroll His Job?

When you’re a famous college coach from a talented program who decides to take his talents to the NFL ranks, the media more or less expects you to struggle with responsibilities of head coach. Unlike the college ranks, the responsibilities of head coach are far more intense and usually cover a 365 day period.

Do the Philadelphia Eagles Have Too Much Talent to Be Able to Succeed?

I know this article may sound a little contradicting by considering the Philadelphia Eagles are 2-0 but there may be better teams in the league with records of 1-1 or 0-2 at this point in the NFL. Some analysts have called the team “overvalued” while some NFL players call the team “overrated” but the best explanation may be that the team is just “lucky”.

An NFL Rookie to Watch Out For

The NFL is filled with young talent. There is a rare specimen this year that you need to keep an eye out for, and his name is Trent Richardson.

SC Gamecocks Start the 2012 Football Season With a Top 10 Ranking

A Columbia, South Carolina hotel highlights the University of South Carolina 2012 football season. The Gamecocks start their season with a Top 10 ranking.

Coaching Youth Football and Zone Blocking and the Zone Read Play

The reason many coaches want to zone block is that it is simple and can be ran to the strong or weakside of the O-line. It can be used out of many formations along with a single or two back set, and the offensive line doesn’t need to be an overpowering line to be effective.

Matt Barkley Vs. Gangnam Style Rapper PSY

If you asked me a month ago if I would ever write about a Korean rapper on my blog, I would have been highly confident in answering no. I would have been even more cocksure that I would never write about one in comparison to a high level college football player who is likely to be a first round NFL draft pick. Clearly, I was wrong and this serves as a great reminder that being self-assured is not a panacea.

Will Vince Young Ever Be Relevant Again?

Last year during the Week 11 of the NFL season, the New York Giants hosted the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night football. To the average giants fan, the game should have winnable due to the fact Michael Vick, star Eagles quarterback was injured, however, as many people that night I watched Vince Young, the eagles backup quarterback pick apart the giants defense and led the eagles to a victory. The funny thing was, no one expected Vince Young to play like that but everyone is aware of his ability.

Replacement Refs Flagged For Unsportsmanlike Like Conduct

If NFL Replacement Refs have taught us one thing this season it’s that the regular refs are pretty good at what they do. And the replacements are bad beyond belief.

Replacement Ref Madness – What’s All the Fuss?

How could we have expected these “replacement” refs to come in and do nearly as good a job as the “real” refs. Presumably, if they were that good and that well trained they would have already been in the NFL to begin with (and therefore also on strike themselves). My take is that these poor fellows have been asked to do something that they’ve never done before, not been fully trained to do, and are therefore relatively less qualified than their striking counterparts. Duh. Under those circumstances, is there any gambler out there who would have bet against this kind of a quality setback in refereeing? Of course not.

Should Tom Brady Stick Up for Wes Welker?

The definition of a good teammate is someone who cheers, remains positive, takes responsibility and is a good example to the rest of the team. In the NFL, teammates depend on each for success and bond during failure. Tom Brady and Wes Welker have been teammates on the New England Patriots since 2007 when Welker was traded from the Miami Dolphins.

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