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Recruiting Stars Often Miss the Boat on Player’s Future Performance

We all know that recruiting is an inexact science, but year after year fans are consumed by the need to know how many stars the players their university signed have by their name. It’s as if this is a guarantee of future success, but as I wrote in the article titled Culture and Belief – The Winner over Talent, on October 28th, four of the top five ranked teams at the time did not have a recruiting class ranked in the top 20 any of the previous five years. Meanwhile the three teams (Florida, Texas and USC) with ESPN’s top…

A Brief History of the Atlanta Falcons Football Team

The Atlanta Falcons are a professional football team that joined the National Football League (NFL) as an expansion team in 1965. Since its inception, the franchise has a record of 298-402-6, winning NFC South division championships in 1980, 1998, 2004 and 2010. The team appeared Super Bowl XXXIII in 1999, where it lost 34-19 to the Denver Broncos.

Football Training Equipment

Since so many different positions exist on the football field, there is a great deal of football training equipment that a coach will want to invest in before the season begins. At the same time, however, these coaches must find a way to be cost effective, since every position requires a different set of football equipment. By identifying the most important pieces of equipment for each position, a coach can increase his or her chances of maximizing practice time.

2010 NFL Season Recap

No doubt this was quite a typical NFL season. There didn’t seem to be to many unexpected surprises, nor any major drastic changes. Seven of this years playoff teams were playing in the playoffs in 2009 too.

NFL and Europe

It may seem that NFL Europa didn’t work out as it was originally intended. It was the NFL’s attempt to spread the American Football beyond the borders of the United States. And while the sport was never picked up by the rest of the world I think the NFL Europa as an organisation played a significant role in the development of football.

A Quick Look at NFL Europe

NFL Europe was the NFL’s attempt to spread American Football to the rest of the world. While the sport never truly picked up momentum in the rest of the world NFL Europe played an important role in developing younger players who were not yet ready for the NFL. Originally founded in 1991 the NFL hoped to use the NFL Europe as a stepping stone to joining the global sports market.

NFL and Social Networking

The NFL, just like most other professional sports networks, has taken advantage of social networking and is using it to grow the popularity of the sport. Social networking has taken our world by storm and the NFL has realized this and has positioned their teams and their players to be on the cutting edge of this technology and use social networking mediums to their fullest capacity. Many NFL coaches and owners are from a prior generation where all of their news came from the newspaper or the television news.

NFL and Social Networking

The NFL is driven by their media coverage. For millions of fans around the world the media is the only way they are able to connect with their favorite NFL teams or to watch all of the games that are played within the NFL season. The actual number of people who physically buy a ticket and go watch an NFL game in person, pales in comparison to the number of people that watch the games every Sunday on television.

NFL Nostalgia – Lucrative Business

Any collector of sports memorabilia knows that anything that has to do with old-time baseball wins hands down to any other sport. Of course, it’s been around the longest with the bubble gum cards, the bats, the balls and anything and everything that can be autographed. Let’s face it, I haven’t seen any pricey tennis, golf or horse racing trading cards anywhere.

The Rules of Football

Football is a physical sport. There is a large chance of injury and therefore the rules of the game have been tweaked over the years to help prevent players from injury as much as possible.

Why You Can’t Run the 3-4 Defense

Take a look around for resources on the 3-4 Defense and tell me how it goes. The one question you guys send more often, one that I cannot answer, is “Do you know of any good resources on the 3-4?” I do not.

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