Fair Play and Gentlemen Moments in Football !

Will Lunar Colony Populations Ever Send Their Athletes Back to Earth to Compete in the Olympics?

For anyone who has watched the 2012 Olympic Games in London, we have to admit that it is bringing nations together in a common cause, and showing human excellence, sportsmanship, and the need to strive for success. I believe these are wonderful attributes for human beings, and it is really good to see it. As a former athlete myself, I’d like to see the Olympic Games more often, not just every four years. The Olympic Games have had a long historical tradition, and have you ever wondered what they might be like in the future?

The History of The Olympic Games

The Olympics are something that everyone looks forward to. It is a time when athletes compete in various competitions. It originated from Greece and changed over time. Today it is an international event that is followed by people all over the world.

How to Buy Olympic Tickets Online

The London 2012 Olympics are just days away and the more I find myself surrounded by the ‘Olympic Fever’ the more stupid I feel for not thinking ahead and reserving some tickets. With my Father’s birthday on 5th August what better present to give than a pair of mixed beach volley ball tickets, due to take place in The Horse Guards Parade, so I started searching for tickets to buy. I soon found myself, however, firmly sat in ‘Camp Envy’, where all I can hear around me is those in the ‘Happy Camp’ talking at length about…

What of Economic Development After The Olympic Games?

It is amazing the process and the competition to host the Olympic Games. It’s a big deal, and a big matter of pride and nationalism for the countries competing, and especially for the country or nation which wins the bid to host the Olympic Games. There is of course more prestige in hosting the Summer Olympic Games, than the winter Olympic Games for winter sports. But make no mistake either way it’s a big deal.

London 2012 Olympics – Let The Equestrian Games Begin!

The three equestrian events at the 2012 London Olympics are dressage, jumping and eventing. Each event has its own unique team of riders and horses that will be competing for team and individual medals.

London’s 2012 Olympics Official Legacy Programme and ‘Ping!’ – A Report

I devoted some of my spare time to monitoring and evaluation activity during the ‘Ping!’ (U.K National Lottery Funded) Street Table-Tennis initiative. My efforts were part of the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics Legacy Programme as one of South Yorkshire’s official ‘Sports Makers’.

Wenlock and the Olympic Games

The small country town of Much Wenlock is about 160 miles north-west of London, and was the site of a priory dating back to 690AD. There is also evidence of a Saxon royal abbey. Due to its location near the Welsh border, it also grew into a thriving market town.

London – 2012 Olympics

Going back in time to 2003, the bid was placed, involving other cities such as Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig, Madrid, Moscow, New York City, Paris, and Rio de Janerio. Then in 2005, London was announced the winner of the bid. Since then, London has been on a quest to Make the magic happen!

London 2012 Summer Olympics – Shooting

This is one of the events where all the Indian hopes are pinned. The Shooters from India have proved themselves every time they were challenged and it’s time they show their caliber at the Olympic arena.

London 2012 Summer Olympics – Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming started as a game only for the men in early 1800s. The sport now consists of two forms – Synchronized swimming and Rhythmic Gymnastics – at the Olympics and is a sport only for women. The main objective of Synchronized swimming is to perform beautiful acts in the water in synchronicity.

London 2012 Summer Olympics – Table Tennis

The game of table tennis is all about speed and precision. Like always, China will be the team to look out for.

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