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Don’t Kick It In Hester’s Way

Most NFL players probably look at the kick-off or the punt as an opportunity to gain some yards and put their team in a good position to score. But for Devin Hester, this is an opportunity for him to leave every one of his defenders in the dust. This is the guy that holds the NFL record for most punt returns for a touchdown (13) and he is the all-time leader in combined punt/kick return touchdowns (18). Many analysts have described him as the greatest kick return specialist to have ever played in the game since Hall of Famer Dante Hall.

The Dallas Cowboys’ Goal In The 2013 NFL Draft Should Be To Bolster Their Running Game

The Cowboys stand at 6-6 with four tough games (Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, New Orleans and Washington) remaining. Another season left out of even making the playoffs is highly likely. One of the primary reasons for the disappointing season is a pedestrian ground game.

The NFL’s Most Lovable Character: John Madden

There are several ways one can get their name or likeness ingrained in the minds of NFL fans around the world, and John Madden developed nearly all of them over his illustrious career in the league. As a coach and commentator, his bigger than life persona and stature made him everything to everyone who ever watched a football game. For over five decades John Madden graced the living rooms of football lovers in one capacity or another representing the NFL with passion and integrity with each passing season.

The Evil Football Genius: Bill Belichick

Just like any great movie, the NFL has story lines, twists and turns, and reoccurring characters that spend their time in the league wearing different uniforms. Just like any great movie, there has to be a villain. Someone for everyone to respect, but with a varying contempt for his style, and stoic composition. Scorsese could not have cast a better person to play the role of the league’s libertine more appropriately than the one Bill Belichick portrays. Love him or hate him, his coaching savvy and accomplishments speak for themselves, with a booming voice that can only be acknowledged with amazement.

Matt Schaub – An Underrated Quarterback

Names such as Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees should all sound pretty familiar to the casual fan. Why shouldn’t they? They are four of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. However, if you mention the name of Houston Texans quarterback, Matt Schaub, to a casual football fan, they might give you a puzzled look. If this is the case then you should not be surprised since Schaub is one of the most underrated players in the NFL.

Champ Bailey – Cornerback Extraordinaire

In the entire history of the NFL, no other cornerback has made it to more Pro Bowls other than Champ Bailey. Some might argue that the fans have overrated him, which makes it easier for him to get into the Pro Bowl on a yearly basis. However, when you see the way Champ plays on the field, it is kind of hard to disagree with the fans who all say that he is probably one of, if not the best, cornerback playing in the NFL today.

Donovan McNabb: Flying Like An Eagle

During the 1999 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to use their first round draft pick and selected Donovan McNabb, number two overall. McNabb was a spectacular player during his years in Syracuse University, setting several school records during his college year. But despite McNabb’s reputation as a standout during college, the Eagles’ decision to draft him with the second pick was heavily booed by Eagles’ fans.

Brian Urlacher Is A Defensive Monster

The Chicago Bears have had one of the more dominant defensive teams in the entire National Football League. While their offense might not be that loaded in terms of talent, their defense is the exact opposite. One person who has been a cornerstone of the Chicago Bears’ defense is Brian Urlacher. Urlacher has made quite a name for himself through his outstanding play and his character.

From A Defensive Monster To Personal Demon: Mark Gastineau

If you are, or were ever even once a fan of the defensive stylings of the NFL, no matter where your team affinity lies, you admired — or at the very least respected — Mark Gastineau. The 6’5″, 265 pound monster, who wore the famed number 99 for the New York Jets for nearly a decade, was an intimidating force at Defensive End. Collecting an astonishing 100.5 sacks in his first 100 games as a professional football player in the NFL turned his already lovable face into a household name. It also made offenses plan specifically for his quickness and strength with each and every snap of the ball for the duration of his illustrious career.

Leadership Personified: Bill Parcells

Leadership skills breed success in the NFL, especially for coaches and their staff. Although designing offensive and defensive schemes and plays are integral to the game’s strategy, there isn’t a single coach who is more valued on the sidelines than one who is respected by his players. Bill Parcells is such a coach. His genius coaching abilities aside, Bill embodies the role of a leader, and commands the attention of each and every room he’s in. Players execute exactness under his regime, and even when he’s not coaching, the NFL is listening to what he has to say.

Winning Perfection: Don Shula

Through the 2012 NFL season, there has only been one team to acquire a perfect season. A perfect season is considered as one where the team wins all of its regular season games and all of it playoff games, including the Super Bowl. That amazing record belongs to Don Shula and his 1972 Miami Dolphins, who went 17-0 during the season.

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