Evaluating Ben Roethlisberger’s legacy with the Steelers | CBS Sports HQ

Psychology of Favre Fans Still Fascinates

Whether wearing Packer (or Jets green), Viking purple, or any other color for that matter, fans have an almost bizarre emotional connection to Favre. It’s almost enough to warrant a case study.

Michael Vick Article Makes ESPN Front Page

Howard Bryant of ESPN has written an article on the return of Michael Vick that is now being featured on the site’s front page. The story talks about how Vick will finally get to return to the field in a regular season game for the first time since he spent his time in prison.

Football Spread Offense For High School Or Youth Football

#1 Football Spread Offense, 5 Wide Attack. Average over 43 points per game. Over 300 yards passing per game and 100 rushing per game.

All American Football Camp – NFL Style

Learn NFL Football Techniques and Skills at a Football Camp. Taught by NFL Players and Coaches.

Football – America’s Favorite Sport

If choosing football as a career, one should obtain adequate knowledge about the sport in order to truly understand the essence of the game. It is very essential that they acquire pertinent information, in order to maintain the love of the game through their career.

How to Find Tickets to Sold Out Football Games

So you’ve been waiting all year for the big game, tickets go on sale shortly, you have your lucky jersey on. Surely you will get the tickets you want so badly. Then, it happens, sold out in minutes, what are you going to do? Well, you have a few options.

Are We Seeing the Wildcat Too Much?

Many are saying that the Eagles used trick plays and the wildcat too much last week and it was a slap in the face to Kevin Kolb. Michael Vick returns this week.

3-4 Defense in the NFL

The 3-4 defense has caught on in recent years among many teams with great success. Here I will give an analysis of why it’s effective by looking at a few key elements.

3 Greatest Chicago Bears of All Time

I’ve been a Chicago Bears fan since 1985 and I want to share with you who I think is the 3 Greatest Bears players of all time. There is many great players to choose from but in my opinion these are the 3 greatest to ever put on a Bears uniform.

NFL Scandal Hardly Fades Online

Ever since news on Michael Vick’s fighting dogs and his illegal gambling activity broke out, the story hasn’t died out online. The petition to boycott the NFL is still posted online. Pictures and videos of Michael Vick and vitriolic words against his cruelty to those animals still echo as search engines pick up thousands of articles written about him.

Five Official Field Positions For High School Football Kickoffs

This article explains in detail the positions for a five official high school football game. You will learn where each of the five officials should be and what their specific duties are during the kickoff.

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