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6 Key Players That Have Made the St Louis Rams “Ram-Tough”

The St. Louis Rams have recently won the Super Bowl. However, several players have played outstandingly during the franchise’s history.

6 Fascinating Stories Behind the Names of Six NFL Teams

A story is behind each NFL team name. These six stories will create a better appreciation for the teams.

Winning With the Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings have been on top of their division for quite some time now. Only the Dallas Cowboys made more playoff appearances than the Vikings during the same span of time.

4 Key Seasons in the History of the Seattle Seahawks

Many Seattle Seahawks fans are aware of the team’s recent appearance in the Super Bowl. However, the Seahawks have had several key seasons during their history.

Will the Arizona Cardinals Make it to the Playoffs?

It seems that the Arizona Cardinals have done their job in this season’s games. Now, professional football in the desert have become a tough competition. The Cardinals are on their way to getting a division title, an achievement they have not had for the past 33 years of their franchise.

College Football Withdrawal – A Guide to Recognizing and Recovering From Football Dependency

How did we as a society get to a point where our daily happiness is dependent on how the alma mater did on the football field? This question justifies some exploration as a good chunk of the autumn economy is driven by young, t-shirt clad alumni putting pizza, nachos and beer on their new American Express cards.

The Three Worst Seasons of the San Francisco 49ers Should Cheer Up Their Fans

The San Francisco 49ers have been one of the most successful teams in NFL history. Downtrodden fans should remember the teams’ three worst seasons-and realize that better times are ahead.

6 Key Players in the History of the San Diego Chargers

The San Diego Chargers have recently been playing excellent football. However, fans should also remember past great Chargers players.

New York Jets’ Brett Favre is the Best Quarterback of the Franchise

Brett Favre, long time quarterback of the New York Jets has a hard time identifying the greatest challenge he has faced in the 18 years of his career in the NFL. Favre has encountered tough times in the span of his NFL career, including a car crash and the execution of seemingly impossible plays in his games.

Young and Vulnerable Kansas City Chiefs Struggling in 2008

The current Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards has one way out of the situation he is in and that is a vacant coaching job at San Diego State. For some reason, speculators attribute these rumors to how the Chiefs are performing in their 2008 season.

The Real Deal With Atlanta Falcons’ Head Coach

The Atlanta Falcons have found a coach who drives the team to succeed. Coach Mike Smith certainly have made his mark in directing his team to put in the much needed effort into playing a good game every time.

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