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The Art of Rucking in Australian Football-Advice for New Players

This article contains advice for new players of Australian Football who are being used as ruckman in their games. it offers advice for centre bounce and around the ground ball-ups, throwing-ins situations as well around the ground tactics.

There Is More to Some in-Game Decisions Than Meets the Eye

Before I get started, if you did not happen to see the football game between UCLA and Washington State this past Saturday night, I highly suggest you watch the Pac-12 Network’s 60-minute replay of it, you will not regret it. With just under 22 minutes remaining in the game UCLA was trailing 49-17. Over the next 21 minutes UCLA scored 50 points and won the game 67-63 in regulation, overcoming the third largest deficit in college football history (side note UCLA already held the record for second biggest comeback -34 points- of all-time).

Manchester United Sign Fred

Manchester United sign Fred on a five year deal from Shakhtar Donetsk with a one year contract extension. The Brazilian has chosen Manchester United over their bitter rivals Manchester City to win trophies. Fred was unveiled at Manchester United on Thursday by their mascot, who is also Fred playing the piano. The Brazilian is known for his creativity and brilliant vision in the midfield. Mourinho has been looking to sign a player with a similar profile. Manchester United’s latest signing Fred is currently with the Brazil squad in Russia for the FIFA World Cup. Fred missed Brazil’s first game against Switzerland due to a minor injury. Although he should be declared fit for their next game against Costa Rica on Friday at Krestovsky Stadium.

Analytics in Football – A Double Edged Sword

Sports as we know it today has come a long way. There were times when watching sports on television was considered a massive step forward in terms of technology. Fast forward 60 years, watching sports on television has become the most basic thing. Today we watch sports on the go on our mobile phones or any device with a screen and internet connectivity. Proud of how far we’ve come, aren’t we? Hopefully I can change your opinion on that by the end of this article.

10 Health Benefits of the Football Sport for Men

If you want to play football, you need to have a few characteristics, such as agility, footwork and endurance. The benefits of this sport can’t be counted, though. Although the game is popular in Latin America and Europe, Americans are also developing interest to participate in the sport.

Selecting an Ideal Boot for Football

There are different types of football boots that you can settle for to get comfort and value for money. There are great releases from major brands available in all parts of the world today. It is important to select carefully so as to get the best price as well as unbeatable value. Some of the things that are worth considering include:

Pepsi – Nacional Sponsorship Case Study

It was the month of July back in 1998 and the beverage industry was facing difficult times in Uruguay. Specifically, the increased sales of the “B-brands” (brands that do not invest in advertising and earn market-based prices), which continued entering illegally in the country, in combination with the hegemony of the red Cola brand and the double taxation was creating a cocktail of problems. The price of the product was the highest in the world!

Best Universities To Watch A College Football Game

There are some beautiful campus’ across the country. From the warm climate schools on the west coast to the east coast schools that have a crisp feel to them in the fall. There are so many great campus’.

How To Perfect The Notre Dame Football Game Day Experience

Everyone knows that there is only one priority on a Fall Saturday.. that is to enjoy college football all day long. Every fall Saturday is special but there is nothing like a full Notre Dame gameday experience.

Shoulder Pad Recommendation

Hey Everyone, Today I will be reviewing some different options for youth shoulder pads. Pads are a key necessity for any football player and are some of the biggest safety measures a player can take. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when choosing pads, they need to fit well, they need to be tight enough to stay in place, and they need to be sturdy and durable.

Tips to Have a Kick Like Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players in the world of football. In addition to teamwork, exceptional dribbling ability, and strategic acumen on the pitch, one of the most notable things about Ronaldo’s game is his kick, which he calls “knuckleball”. By learning the right techniques, you can do a kick like Ronaldo in your practice. See Step 1 for more information.

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