Dina Averina’s Beautiful Ball Performance at Tokyo 2020

Stag Parties And Five A Side Football

Here is a general enquiry that is driven by natural curiosity and no other motivation. Every now and then, do you feel like rounding up all of your old buddies for a stag party where you can have a jolly old time, just like it was in school or college days? If your answer is yes then we will respond by saying that one of the ultimate ways that you could make this evening a memorable one is by organizing a football match. Are you saying that you don’t have 25 friends coming over for a stag party? We got you covered for we are talking about a five a side football match. Convenient, isn’t it?

Coby Fleener – Energizing the Colts

There seems to be a trend in this sports world that we can’t for some reason give credit to players that play behind the scenes, at positions that are not as glamorous as the QB position in football or the full back position. You can say the same for relief pitchers in baseball, or key bench players in basketball. They are never going to get the constant attention that the “star” positions seem to get.

Oliver Luck: The First Quarterback in the “Luck” Legacy

When you hear the name Luck, you will probably think of Andrew Luck and for good reason too. Andrew jumped on the scene from deep within the heart of Texas when playing for Stratford High School. But many people are not aware that Luck is not the first highly successful quarterback in his family. His father, Oliver Luck, was also an accomplished quarterback.

A Complete Noob’s Guide To The Atlanta Falcons

If you’re new to football, this article will give you the knowledge you need to be familiar enough with the Atlanta Falcons to appreciate seeing them play as well as discuss their history with other football fans. Let’s begin with a little background information: The Atlanta Falcons are an American football team from Atlanta, Georgia. They belong to the South Division of the National Football Conference, which is part of the NFL (National Football League).

New To Football? This Will Get You Up To Speed About The Baltimore Ravens!

If you’re new to football, it can be daunting keeping all the teams straight in your head. You know certain things happened to certain teams, and you know that certain rivalries exist, but why? This article will give you an intro to the Baltimore Ravens.

Back to the Basics – Analysis of “Functional” Strength Training for Youth Athletes

The term “Functional Strength” has gotten way out of hand in the strength and conditioning world. What started as a good idea with good intentions has spiraled completely out of control. What is functional strength? Well, the term functional simply refers to something able to fulfill its purpose, or function.

Fantasy Football or Reality Football?

Fantasy football – For those of you who do not know what fantasy football is, it is where people pick the best players from NFL teams to play on his or her fantasy team. Each player earns points based on what they do in their respective game. The points are then added together from all of a persons players to generate his or her fantasy score.

NCAA Football 2012 Top 5 Preview

College football is literally next week. I always love the preseason stuff, except the polls. The polls to me are a joke.

Road To The 2013 NFL Draft: Notre Dame 20 – Michigan State 3

The scouting process for the draft runs primarily from September through mid- April. The athletic testing portion of the evaluation process takes center stage starting in February. However, how NFL draft prospects perform in actual football games is what matters most.

Tyrann Mathieu Takes the Road Less Traveled

Less than one month ago Tyrann Mathieu, a 2011 Heisman Trophy finalist, who is also known as the Honey Badger, was dismissed from the LSU football team for failed drug tests. He’s not the first high level college athlete to to get kicked off his team for a violation of team rules, and he certainly won’t be the last.

NFL Prediction: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

Monday Night Football is finally back and the second game of the double header to open the season brings us two bitter rivals, San Diego (8-8 last season) and Oakland (8-8 last season). Both teams head into the season with playoff expectations, after last season they were both eliminated on the final day of the regular season. The games most obvious question that needs to be answered is whether or not the Chargers will be able to finally put an end to their notoriously slow starting seasons. QB Philip Rivers is back after passing for 4624 yards and 27 TDs, but also 20 INTs. He will have his favourite target in TE Antonio Gates, but top WR Vincent Jackson has finally departed from the team in favour of Tampa Bay.

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