Dak Prescott Favorite to Win Comeback Player of the Year | CBS Sports HQ

2009 Elite 11 Quarterback Camp

Once again it is time for me to talk about the Elite 11 Regional Quarterback Competition. There are a lot of QB’s, and players who are very interest in this Quarterback Camp that take place all over America from March till the end of June this year!

Quarterback Coaching and QB Training

I am a former NFL Quarterback that played for the Buffalo Bills and today I want to talk about quarterback training. Specifically about Quarterback Speed related to playing football.

Can Stats Tell Us How to Pick Winners of NFL Games?

For as long as gambling has been around people have tried to predict all sorts of outcomes, and not just for sporting events. How to pick winners of NFL games has become…

A College Football Post-Season That Can Work

Before I say anything, I just want to say that the Utah Utes are my college football national champions for the 2008 season. Why? Because college football is stuck in an archaic tradition in which the national champion is decided by a poll every year. If the AP voters get to pick their national champion, why can’t I pick mine?

Football Spread Offense – Learn How to Score 40 Points Per Game

I was talking with my good friend and former NFL player Bill Renner. He was the head coach at West Springfield High School in Virginia. They average over 43 points per game this past year using his Football Spread Offense. 5 Wide Attack Offense. So I asked him to tell me about his football spread offense.

Smell Aversion in Humans Predicts New Strategy For High School Football Teams

The competition in High School Football is tough, and every team wants to win. This means coaches must consider new strategies to claim victory over their opponents. It’s easy to adopt Vince Lombardi’s brilliant speeches or quotes, but winning is so much more than talk. And every high school football player who has ever walked on to the field knows it too.

Great Ways to Become a Better Football Player

There are many secrets to becoming a better football player. However, these are the top three secrets that we believe will maximize your winning percentage, help you and your team become fundamentally sound, and most importantly, make you the football player that you want to be! The first secret to football success is believing in yourself and having confidence. If two teams have exactly the same athletic ability in every way but one team has more confidence, they will have the advantage and will more times than not they will win the game.

Football Training Gloves – How to Choose Them

This article discusses how to choose the right weight football training gloves. Citing the advantages offered by the gloves with weighted fingers.

Overview of Arsenal FC of England – Current Status in the English Premier League

Arsenal is relatively one of the topmost clubs in the English premier league for decades with it’s tentacles of supportership all over the world and it’s achievements second only to Manchester united. For the last three seasons and the fourth drawing to a close, Arsenal’s dream of getting any silverware seem to be fading, no thanks to several unimpressive results.

Indianapolis Colts and Lucas Oil Stadium Share in Economic Woes

The impact of the economy continues to be felt in the sports world as the Indianapolis Colts have announced that 25 jobs have been cut. The team issued a statement this week but did not specify which jobs were being eliminated.

Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are one of the more respected and successful franchises in the National Football League, but it hasn’t always been that way. As a charter member of the rival American Football League, the Patriots were largely unsuccessful during their first two decades in professional football. The team played their first eleven seasons using the name the Boston Patriots before changing it to their current name in 1971.

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