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London 2012 Olympics: Jose Gamarra Zorrilla, Bolivia’s Baron Pierre De Coubertin

When Bolivia’s Olympic team begins to march into the London Olympic Stadium, with its top athlete carrying the national flag – the traditional red, yellow and green tricolor, I will remember two things: By 1868, Queen Victoria, among the most powerful women in history, abolished Bolivia from her world map after England’s ambassador to La Paz, the country’s capital, had been humiliated by Bolivia’s notorious dictator Mariano Melgarejo. Secondly, the South American country has not produced many of the globe’s foremost Olympian athletes, but it had one of the best Olympic leaders in the whole history of sport. His name: Jose Gamarra Zorrilla, who was lionized by several foreign governments, from Taiwan and America to the Soviet Union and Mexico.

Visiting London for the 2012 Olympics

If you have managed to secure yourself tickets for the 2012 Olympics, then you are one of the lucky number who are going to get to see an incredible historic event that many people never get a chance to see in their lives. The Olympics is a huge event with a lot of hype and that people the world over will be talking about for years to come. Often the Olympics are held in remote locations where it can be hard to get tickets and expensive to travel.

Sports in Space and Unfair Advantages in the 2404 Galactic Olympic Games

It should be noted that Earth is a most excellent platform, domicile, habitat, and biosphere for humankind. Indeed, this species has done well in its evolutionary process to make the most of what is available, and developed a large brain to modify it further to fit its needs. Humans have also developed sports to exercise those genes, even if many are not needed due to the conquering of nature, weather, and other hungry species herein.

London 2012 Olympics: Africa’s Olympic Queen Kirsty Coventry!

After her participation in the People’s Republic, Kirsty Coventry was declared “national heroine” by her fellow Zimbabweans in the nation’s capital city of Harare (ex Salisbury), while the President-for-life Robert Mugabe, a member of the tribe Shona (which makes up over 75 percent of the country’s population) gave her $100,000, a reward for winning gold. At the time, Mr. Mugabe, the world’s most homophobic leader, called her “a golden girl”.

Football and the Olympic Games

Football at the Summer Olympic Games is not what some of us would assume it is. Football is another name for ‘soccer’ which is the sport played at the summer Olympics. Soccer has been included in every set of Summer Olympic Games except for the dates 1896 and 1932.

Fabric ‘Wrap’ To Complete Olympic Stadium

‘Worldwide Olympic Partner’ Dow Chemical Company have been confirmed as the supplier of the fabric ‘wrap’ that will complete the new Olympic Stadium in Stratford. Planners had been intended the Olympic Stadium to be fitted with a wrap that would encircle the stadium. Last year however, in an effort to cut costs to the taxpayer by up to 7 million GBP, Olympic officials decided to scrap this flamboyant final touch.

How Do I Jump Higher – The Sports Gene in Olympic Athletes: ACTN3

People have different opinions about the sports gene. Is it a fact or simply fiction? The issue on whether the gene makes Olympic athletes jump higher or not will be discussed briefly in this article.

Snatches, Cleaning and Getting Down on the Floor!

With athletes, particularly taller individuals, there has been a seemingly overwhelming insistence that Olympic lifts should be performed from blocks or the hang position as opposed to full Olympic lifts from the floor. While I feel both of these starting positions in the lifts certainly have a place for inclusion within an athletes program I also believe that not only should full lifts from the floor be included, but they should be used more frequently than their chopped and screwed cousins.

London 2012 Olympics: Paraguay’s Warrior-Athlete Benjamin Hockin – A Lesson to Many Athletes!

Although Paraguay, one of the first independent republics in the Western Hemisphere, does not boast a 50 pool and despite its troubles with training and sports equipment, Benjamin Hockin, whose father is Briton and mother is Paraguayan, loves competing with this landlocked nation. It is a rare case in the Developing World where a number of athletes, from boxers and footballers to fencers and archers, want to become American/European citizens.

A Fortnight or 50 Years? The Legacy of the London Olympics

The question of sustainability is one that has a habit of cropping up when critics discuss the mega-project that is the 2012 Olympics. While some are worried about generic apartment buildings springing up en masse, the OPLC has outlined plans for low-rise terrace and mews houses with gardens, eschewing previously-mooted high-density complexes.

Why the Olympics in 2012 Is a Good Thing

This article looks at why I believe the Olympics in 2012 is a great opportunity for the UK. Why can we not look on a global stage as a great opportunity to promote ourselves, our products and our tourist potential? They say you have to spend money to make money. I also take a look at the benefits to encouraging more of our younger generation into sports.

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