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Ice Age

Could you ever imagine peaking professionally before you’re 25? Most of us barely start a career by 25, let alone become hugely successful. Obviously this isn’t anything new for professional athletes, who often retire early in life, but in one of the most popular Olympic sports-women’s figure skating-competitive careers rarely last beyond the early 20s.

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Security May Stay in Place Longer

The design for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Security system includes hundreds of closed circuit surveillance cameras for downtown Vancouver. Over 900 cameras will be activated to watch the crowds during the Olympic games from the security forces which are being put together to watch for criminal activity and medical emergencies. Will the be a permanent fixture for Vancouver ones the games have moved on?

The Real Vancouver Olympic Legacy

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games are almost here and they most certainly come with what can only be described as an amazing price tag. The Olympic Athletes village that has finally been constructed close to the Vancouver waterfront is made up of 1100 individual units, spread across a range of buildings.

2010 Winter Games Overview

I am looking forward to the 2010 Winter Games. Probably because I love sports. Also because I love watching all of the stories that come forth. So, here is a brief overview of what to watch for.

7 Steps to Mastering Technique Coaching

Many coaches come from sports that do not emphasize the teaching of proper technique. For those switching to a sport that emphasizes technique, here are seven steps to take in order to improve their technique coaching skills.

Ski Jumping in Zakopane, Poland

As an Englishman from Hull, the most you ever really see or hear of Ski Jumping is on the TV once every few years when the Olympics is on or some joke about Eddy the Eagle, a guy from Cheltenham who entered the Olympics in Calgary in 1988 as a British ski jumper. The basic idea of ski jumping sounds simple; you set off down a ramp and then launch yourself off the end of the ramp trying to fly as far as you can and in a smooth a way as possible. I’ve never tried it myself but back in 2007 I found myself in Zakopane, Poland watching a World Cup Ski Jumping event…

An Overview of Winter Olympic Snowboarding Events

If you are somebody who is eagerly anticipating the upcoming Winter Olympic Games because you love snowboarding events, you’re in luck. There are three primary Olympic snowboarding events. Below you will see a list of all three, followed by a quick description of each event.

An Overview of Winter Olympic Skiing Events

Are you a skiing fan? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that the 2010 Winter Olympic games are just around the corner. Let’s talk about some of the skiing events that will take place.

Sport and the Olympic Perspective on 2010 America

The 2008 Olympic Games in China occurred just prior to the historic US 2008 election in which America elected the western industrialized world’s first non-white leader to address a global economic crisis unseen since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. As discord over the new president’s policies tore at America in 2010, the international sporting schedule for the year was an opportunity for America to demand that its media promote a global perspective of the country to its people.

St. Albert Chosen As Venue For 2012 Special Olympics Winter Games

St. Albert is set to be the host of the 2012 Winter Special Olympics. The organization, which organizes a winter event every four years, is in the process of preparing for its seventh event.

Winter Olympics 2010 – The Winter Olympics Torch Relay From Greece to Vancouver

The highly anticipated 2010 Winter Olympics is almost here. The opening ceremony of the official 21st Winter Olympic Games is of course in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on February 12, 2010. But prior to this the Winter Olympics Torch Relay has been traveling all over the world since October 30, 2009 to remind people everywhere that the most prestigious athletic event ever broadcasted is at our fingertips.

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